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Gooseberry Pie

In the New World gooseberries are from the genus Physalis but in the Old World they are from the genus Ribes. Fresh gooseberries should be picked when the pods are dry and brittle. They should be washed and pricked with a needle, then left overnight in a non-metallic bowl to settle. Sugar can be added, then it must be left in a warm place (could use a VERY low stove plate or oven but watch) until the sugar has melted. Boil quickly until the fruit is clear. It takes a long time, at least 30 minutes and as long as 60 min. It is therefore much easier to use canned gooseberries.

A crumb piecrust works best with the goosberry pie, and you can use any of the standard biscuit crusts made by crumbling and fixing with melted butter or margarine. This pie is refrigerated, which will help to set the crust as well.

Quick gooseberry pie

1 tin canned gooseberries

3 T custard powder

3 T white sugar

2 t gelatine, soaked in 1 T cold water

1¼ cup unsweetened condensed milk, well-chilled

One crumb piecrust

Drain the gooseberries, then add cold water to it until a volume of 2 cups is reached (i.e. berries and water together make 2 cups full). Mix the custard powder with the sugar and wet with a little bit of the water from the gooseberries. Drain the rest of the water from the gooseberries and boil, then add the custard powder mix to the boiling water. Stir over low heat until the custard is cooked and translucent, then remove from heat. Stir the soaked gelatine into the custard and leave to cool down. Now beat the chilled condensed milk until stiff and fold it into the custard. Add the gooseberries (you can keep a few for decoration) and pour into the piecrust. Let it set and decorate with whipped cream and berries.