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Gifts for coffee lovers

Coffee lovers deserve a special gift that celebrates the passion for this timeless beverage. Even if coffee is not your cup of tea, shopping for the coffee lover can be easy. Especially when you have great ideas for gift inspirations. Go beyond the Starbucks gift card and surprise your coffee lover with a coffee-related gift that is unique and personal.


A gift of coffee may seem obvious, but make it extra special by choosing coffee to reflect the tastes of the coffee lover. The New England Coffee Company has several specialty flavors including apple strudel, brownie toffee crunch and maple cinnamon French toast. A one-pound bag retails on their website for $7.50. Over at UncommonTreats.com you can purchase Marley Coffee, an international gourmet coffee company owned by musician Bob Marley’s family and managed by his sons.

The website, Accent the Party can personalize your coffee gift with classical or whimsical bag designs personalized with a name and/or date. Each bag is 1.75-ounces (8-10 cups) of pre-measured coffee.

SendCoffee.com specializes in fresh coffee without any added flavors. Their coffee is never blended, just simple good coffee. For a more generic coffee gift basket, Amazon.com has several options. Prices vary on these items but generally start around $20 (U.S.) for a small bag/basket. Items included might be cappuccino packets, flavored coffee, cookies, chocolates, syrups, creamers and other coffee accessories.

For an excellent tasting Fair Trade and organic coffee, consider purchasing a gift from LakotaCoffee.com.

Coffee accessories & add-ins

Give your coffee lover an eco-friendly product. At CoffeeCozyCafe.com, you can find eco-friendly coffee sleeves. These cute, crocheted sleeves add insulation and protect fingers from getting too hot. If your coffee lover is ready to ditch paper coffee cups, try the original “I am Not a Paper Cup.” It comes with silicone lid and is made from double-walled porcelain. Designed to look like a coffeehouse paper cup, this reusable cup is microwave and dishwasher safe. It retails for about $10 to $15 and can be found online and in regional coffeehouses.

For uniquely crafted coffee mugs try Zazzle.com or Mug Heaven which has a collection of more than 500 unique pottery mugs to fit just about anybody’s personality.

Consider giving an assortment of flavored syrups to your coffee lover. Flavored syrups can be found in gourmet coffee shops as well as retail outlets like Wal-Mart and Target. Sam’s Club even carries several varieties of DaVinci brand coffee syrups for about $5 a bottle. If ordering online, try UncommonTreats.com. This site has a range of syrup flavors including vanilla, coconut, tiramisu, peppermint and mocha.

Coffee books and art

Several good books about coffee, coffee history and wacky coffee trivia are available at bookstores like Barnes & Noble and B.Dalton as well as at online booksellers. A couple to consider include Cafe Nation: Coffee Folklore, Magic and Divination by Sandra Mizumoto Posey and Coffee Cup Thoughts: Sips for the Soul by Alice Adams.

Heritage Prints, an online store, offers several handcrafted art prints. These prints feature turn-of-the-century advertisements of fine coffee products. Beloved Beans offers wearable art in the form of their Java Junkie t-shirt, available in both men’s and women’s for less than $30. At Kyle Designs, you can find multiple unique coffee-inspired gifts ranging from night-lights for the kitchen to ornaments, clip magnets, pillboxes, earrings, flasks and money clips. Each features a stylized coffee cup with swirls of steam rising from the top.

A new French Press, bean grinder or even carafe might also be appreciated by the coffee lover. Whichever items are chosen, it only takes a little planning to put together a special gift for the coffee lover in your life.