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Frozen Banana Desert

Brenda’s Frozen Banana Desert

You won’t believe that Brenda’s banana dessert is not ice cream. Brenda Thadigiri, a proud parent and homemaker, has often graced me with her hospitality. She is an avid cook who is always trying to find new ways to enjoy healthy foods. Her latest creation is, and as she says, hard to believe that it is not ice cream.

Simplified, it is a frozen, peeled and chopped banana processed in a small food chopper with about two tablespoons of milk and topped with chopped nuts. You can add vanilla extract for additional flavor. It should be served immediately as, if left to sit at room temperature, it will melt and lose it’s almost ice cream consistency.

For a small chopper it is best to chop one banana at a time, thus serving one person at a time. This is due to the chopper’s size. For a larger chopper you may be able to start with two or more bananas and whip up more than one serving at a time.

There are some variations to this recipe. You can add additional ingredients to this recipe to change the flavor like vanilla extra. You can also add this dessert to other food items to liven them up. You can use this as a topper to pancakes or waffles for a hot and cold breakfast. Add syrup to top it all off for a flavorful breakfast.

Enjoy this healthy dessert by yourself, with your family, or as Brenda does, when hosting parties. Whenever Brenda whips this up at parties, her guests are able to enjoy a guilt free dessert.

The ingredients:

One very ripe, peeled, frozen and quartered or chopped banana

2 tablespoons of milk or fat free of any type of creamer or ½ and ½



Vanilla Extract

Serves one

Step by Step

1.) Process banana with vanilla (optional) and milk, creamer OR half and half in the chopper for a few seconds

2.) When banana stops rotating, open lid and take a knife and push off sides and cut up any larger pieces

3.) Repeat steps one and two a few times until blended

4.) Add small chopped or crumbled nuts at end

5.) Serve immediately