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Fosters Lager the Amber Nectar Refreshing Beers and Lagers

Fosters Larger, the Amber Nectar, or so the advertisers would have us believe. This is widely known as an Australian beer, just watch the adverts on television and this is the impression we are meant to be given. However it is actually brewed in the UK. Ironically they don’t really drink Fosters over in Australia, it’s just an advertising gimmick. Anyway it does seem to work as Fosters is one of the most popular lagers on the market and has been for many years in the United Kingdom. So what exactly makes Fosters so popular?

I must admit that if I am drinking Lager from a can, Fosters is one of my favourites. It has a very nice fresh, crisp taste to it. It’s not the one of the strongest lagers, which is not always a good thing, but I would say it has to be one of the most refreshing ones on the market at the moment. Fosters is ideal for a sunny Saturday afternoon sat in a nice beer garden somewhere.

I do find though it’s high gas content can really give you wind. This also means that I don’t tend to be able to drink a lot of it, it makes me feel all bloated and full if I drink to much. So I would say this is more of a summer time quench your thirst kind of lager rather than one you drink for hours while in the pub. Not one I tend to drink a lot of in the winter months when it’s cold.

Fosters is 4.9% abv which is just about right in my opinion. I don’t like my larger to strong, and at the same time I don’t like it to weak and watery. The price is generally good, and you can always get it on offer from the supermarket! I got 8 cans for £5 last week, and have seen better offers than that. Some of the supermarkets often have crates on offer, last week you could get 36 cans for £18. At 50p a can you really cant complain about the value.

Fosters also comes on tap. I think the taste is even better when you get a pint of this from the bar. They also do a chilled version which is excellent in the summer. Again the draught version if very crisp and has a nice smooth taste to it, it‘s very easy to drink whereas some lagers can be a little rough at times. You can also get Fosters in bottles all though this does not tend to be as popular and to be honest I don’t really like the bottled version. You would be better sticking to either draught or cans of Fosters in my opinion.

Overall a good beer, especially in can form. Whilst there are better lagers out there, for all round price and value I would say this must be one of the best. Which I assume is why it is so popular. Of course it’s not big at all in Australia. Maybe they prefer English beers over there? Strange. Anyway if you want a light easy to drink larger, this one is for you. Fosters has been going for many years and I see no reason why it won’t be going for many more years into the future. Go and get yourself a pint of the Amber Nectar!