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If you have not noticed, the prices for fresh vegetables and fruits are now higher than a kite in a hurricane. That is due to the increased transportation costs that are associated with bringing those fresh food items to the consumer.

As a result, now is no better time to grow what was called a “Victory Garden.” Way back during the Second World War there were food shortages of almost any kind of food that you can think of. The Government of the United States of America printed food coupons, to be used by the people as a means to ration food because a whole lot of food was sent to our troops on the battlefields of Europe and the Pacific theaters of combat.

“We People of the United States of America” had to grow our own food and raise pigs, chickens and cows if we wanted to eat as hardy as we did before Pearl Harbor was attacked. We all had to do our part to win the war.

You better believe that any vegetables and/or fruits that you can grow are a whole lot cheaper than what you will pay at your local food store. You cut out the profit of the middle man, as well as the profits earned by the grower and the retail seller. The huge increase is the price of crude oil is the primary reason why fresh food items do cost a whole lot more these days.

On the other hand, growing vegetables and fruits is labor intensive work. Then again, a 20’ by 20’ size garden will usually provide enough vegetables for a family of four for the entire summer, or the growing season. There might be so many vegetables that you might even decide to can or jar any vegetables that you cannot eat before they begin to rot. Pickled tomatoes and cucumbers are my favorites. Yum! Yum!

Fruits such as peaches, oranges, plumbs, apples, grapefruit and the like can also be grown by you if you live within a climate that will not damage those fruit trees. Many people within the Southern States have the advantage of doing so and also save a whole lot of money, besides eating healthy. Some people even grow grapes and subsequently make their own wine.

Then again, any person who grows a whole lot of produce can find someone to purchase those extra fruits and vegetables. You can also give away what you cannot eat to your neighbors. One of your neighbors might even treat you to a free dinner for your generosity. One good turn deserves another.

There are a whole lot of homeless people that you can feed by making a donation to one or more organizations within your community that feed homeless people. The point here is to not waste the surplus food that you grow and cannot eat before it rots.

If you have the space within your yard for a modern day “Victory Garden” it seems that now is no better time to plant your own modern day “Victory Garden.” The victory here is that you will have a whole lot of extra money to spend for those other things that makes our life worth living. You will also have a whole lot truly fresh vegetables to eat. Enjoy!