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Favorite Cereals

Anybody who thinks cereal is a strictly childish food clearly isn’t in tune with reality. I ate cereal consistently through my childhood, gulping down at least a bowl a day, and though I don’t eat it as much as I used to it’s still a constant fixture in the house.

Picking a favorite, however, is tough. They don’t always appease my palate despite my overall love of each one, as like most other foods you sometimes need to be in the proper mood to have a particular cereal. That said I think it’ll be much either to provide a few brands that I can USUALLY be counted on to enjoy, regardless of my tastes at the time.

These, then, are those cereals. Give ’em a try if you haven’t before and prepare to enjoy.

1.) Mini-Wheats. Having just FINISHED a bowl of brown sugar Mini-Wheats, I’d say they’re a good choice. The commercials for these things may be dumb, but the way they capitalize on the half and half blend is perfect. I always bite my wheats lengthwise, cutting the wheat and the frosting down the middle and enjoying both, regardless of what frosying is on the top. Yum.

2.) Raisin Oatmeal Crisp. It’s strange how I don’t like raisins normally but love them to death when they’re surrounded by walnut chunks and floating in a bowl of milk. Not only is Oatmeal Crisp delicious, you actually FEEL like you’re eating something healthy, a quality that doesn’t apply to some other cereal brands – particularly this next one.

3.) Lucky Charms. Oh man. Pure sugar. I can claim myself partial to anything with marshmallows fin it, but Lucky Charms generally takes the cake regardless of the competition. I can’t say I blame the kids for constantly trying to steal Lucky’s charms, ’cause they’re a delicious sugar buzz for starting out a day.

4.) Golden Grahams. One of only a few cereals I can eat as readily WITHOUT as I can with, Golden Grahams are just plain delicious. I could probably consume an entire box at a time, which isn’t too difficult since they always seem to come in smaller portions than most other cereals.

5.) Honey Nut Cornflakes. Typing this out made me realize how long it’s been since I last had Cornflakes. I’ll have to remedy that fact. The lovely honey taste mixed with that heart crunch is enough to snag anybody, myself included.

6.) Honey Nut Cheerios. Same reasons as the Cornflakes, though Cheerios are an adventure in and of themselves since they like to go on adventures when you’re pouring them. I occasionally find them in odd corners of the kitchen.

7.) Rice Krispies. Snap, Crackle and Pop don’t amuse me nearly as much as they used to, but the fizzle is still a nice plus and if nothing else Rice Krispies always feel incredibly filling. It’s like they continue to expand once they’re in your stomach.

8.) And, last but not least, Shreddies. Nice, solid, tasty squares (or are they diamonds?) that go down nicely, the only problem I have with Shreddies is sogability. These things go bad too quickly, and once they get all squishy I kinda lose my taste for them.