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No Carriage Horses, No Low Carb Hype, Is Miller Time Finally Over?

I have in front of me a glass of Miller. It is not the prettiest color, looks like very pale lager, and it does foam a tad too much for my liking. I’m reading the bottle and it says “The Champagne of Beer”. Frankly that sounds awful to me. Why would I want to buy beer that tastes like champagne? I’m thinking they should change the slogan..?

After writing all that I do buy Miller High Life quite often and I like it as a “no nonsense drink with your monday burger while watching football” kind of beer. It is just a nice drink to wash out your fries and mustard on the hot dog or a burger without fussing too much over. Many of you might not approve but I personally prefer it over Budweiser any day. I’m just a light lager kind a girl!

I would not buy it for a special occasion but it IS priced and advertised as working-man-beer and I guess my husband and I are those working class people who actually still want to have “Miller Time” every once in a while without breaking the bank.

This beer is advertised as being crisp and smooth American-style lager. I guess it is more carbonated than some because you can see the bubbles rising constantly, but that is where the comparison to champagne ends in my mind. Crisp? Well if you compare it to Corona it has a tad more kick to it. I like the taste, not overpowering so it goes well with your salty snacks but still complements steak dinners too letting your tastebuds decide if the steak was well prepared or not.

Talking about Corona I actually tried this beer too once with a lime and it was quite good. So if you forget that “sweaty thirty something guy who worked all day and gobbled Miller afterwords” image you might actually look at the beer in a totally different way, especially if you actually tasted it.

I think Miller High Life needs big time adjustment on its advertisement campaign. If your father enjoyed the Miller Time the next generation is looking for something new? And today it is not trendy to be “just ninetofive working man”. Younger people want new reasons to drink this beer. Because I think it is still after a hundred years a beer that should be introduced to the new generations.


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Miller High Life is brewed by:

Miller Brewing Company, Milwaukee, WI
3939 W. Highland Blvd, Milwaukee, WI 53208
(414) 931-2000