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Fast Easy Breakfast

The alarm goes off. You hit the snooze. You start to dream about that cute barrista who works at the corner coffee shop. The alarm goes off again. You hit the snooze again, this time with more vigor. Alas, you fail to return to the cute barrista dream and find yourself wandering your old high school with no shoes on. The alarm goes off. You relent to its beeping tyranny and rise, suddenly realizing just how disastrously late you are. How are you possibly going to find time to eat a healthy breakfast? We got your back with this trio of quick and easy options.

DIY McMyffin

There’s no need to stop off at the Golden Arches for the quintessential fast food breakfast sandwich. The McMyffin is your homemade, signature version that can be ready in 3 minutes with the help of a toaster and a microwave.Crack an egg into a small microwavable bowl, around 4 inches in diameter. Scramble it with a fork. Place a slice of your favorite cheese and a slice of your favorite lunch meat on top. Pop it in the microwave while toasting an English muffin.Opt for whole grain English muffins for best results. Whole grains fill you up longer. Refined flours may be fortified with nutrients, but they don’t hold a candle to the nutrients naturally present in whole grain baked goods, according to the Department of Foods and Nutrition at the The University of Georgia.Cook on high until the egg is solidified. Remove the bowl from the microwave and flip it upside down on one half of your toasted English muffin so the egg falls to its destiny. Voila, the bowl has molded your egg into a perfect circle that fits your muffin like a glove (but tastes a lot better than one). Top your brand new breakfast sandwich with the other half of your English muffin and eat.You can customize your McMyffin by switching up your cheese brands, adding chopped scallions to your scrambled egg, swapping veggie deli slices for lunch meat, or opting for high fiber whole wheat English muffins.

Crunch-luscious Oats

Stop dissing oatmeal! What did this low calorie wonder food ever do to you, besides fill your belly and feed your body with cholesterol killing fiber and blood glucose regulating goodness? Oatmeal keeps tummies feeling fuller longer than most other breakfast options, according to Mary Ellen Camire, a professor at the University of Maine’s Department of Food Science and Nutrition.Okay, so maybe it has a rep for being a bit bland. A little dressing up is all it takes to transform this ugly duckling of breakfast foods into a beautiful swan (vegetarians take note, dressing up your oatmeal will not actually transform it into poultry, we’re taking a bit of literary license here.)One of the easiest ways to make oatmeal more delicious, nutritious and texturally tantalizing is to throw in a handful of trail mix. Using quick cooking oats, follow the directions on the package for microwaving, but just before sending your bowl of instant oats to the microwave, stir in your favorite blend of nuts, seeds and dried fruits. The nuts and seeds gain a toothsome richness when warmed, and the dried fruits disseminate sweetness throughout the bowl. You can also chop up fresh fruits and toss those in prior to microwaving. For a savory oatmeal experience, add chopped scallions and just a pinch of salt.

Dessert for Breakfast

Unlike oatmeal, parfaits are “pretty” foods. Also unlike oatmeal, they are full of calories and sugar if prepared from puddings, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. Take heart, there are parfait ingredient alternatives that will enable you to eat dessert for breakfast without feeling guilty. Perhaps the best part is that these elaborate looking concoctions can be thrown together in less than five minutes.Yogurt is the key to making guilt free parfaits. By eating yogurt, you’ll be jumping on the natural probiotics bandwagon. Probiotics are bacteria that have a beneficial effect on human health, according to USProbiotics. Choose a low fat or fat free yogurt variety. Chop up a cup of your favorite fruits, or use berries that are small enough to make chopping unnecessary. Plop a dollop of yogurt into the bottom of your yogurt cup. Then a couple tablespoonfuls of fruits. Then more yogurt. Then more fruit. You get the idea. When your parfait has formed a towering column of yumminess, top it off with a final layer of yogurt, and a sprinkling of trail mix. Enjoy.