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Enhance you Macaroni and Cheese Dinner

Macaroni and cheese is an all-American food staple! A household without mac and cheese in the cupboard is a household in need of sustenance. An all-time favorite with most people, a box of mac and cheese always comes in handy when deciding what to eat for lunch or dinner. But god forbid, what do we do when we need some variety? Read on…

Our family likes to spice things up a bit, so we have added some combinations to go with a standard macaroni and cheese dinner. One of our favorite recipes is adding about one-quarter frozen peas to the mix. Follow the directions on a box of mac and cheese, all the way to adding the packaged cheese at the end. Add the whole package of cheese mix if you like it more salty, but we tend to cut back just a bit and add only one-third. Then, take your frozen peas, we like the baby peas as they seem to be sweeter, and add those right into the mix. Don’t cook them, just add them right in as the heat of the mixture will cook them and you don’t want them mushy! Be careful stirring the whole mixture, as you don’t want to crush the peas. So stir gently, very gently. Then add in a spot of low-fat milk for that creamy texture, mix again and serve. Just delicious!

Another favorite is to cook up bits of hamburger in another pan. Add whatever seasonings you like, and we happen to like adding garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. Add some ketchup to taste, and then take this mixture to your mac and cheese and combine. This is a perennial favorite, and makes a hearty meal.

Mac and cheese is cheap, convenient and a nice base to add all sorts of veggies or meat to the dish. Think up some creative ways to enhance your macaroni, and you will always have some alternatives on hand when you can’t decide what you want for dinner.