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Eggs in Low Fat Diets

While an egg a day may not keep the doctor away, there is no reason not to incorporate eggs into your low fat diet. After all, there’s a fantastic source of protein, they’re cheap, and they’re versatile. As with anything else, once you learn a little bit about the egg and its uses, you’ll not only no longer worry about having to cut them out of your diet when going low fat, but you’ll realize that eggs can be the crucial element in a successful diet.

While an egg’s yolk has about 5 grams of fat in it, the white has 0. This means that unless you’re craving that yolky flavor, it’s fairly easy to go wild with eggs, as long as you only use the whites. Now, scrambled egg whites may not sound super-appealing, but there are many dishes that are specifically designed around the amazing properties of the egg white, and otheres that can be converted easily.

Meringue is a low fat alternative to other unhealthy desserts. Because whipped egg whites trap air in them, they can become many times the size of the original fresh-out-of-the-egg whites. This means that there is a built in portion control, as it doesn’t take much egg to make a whole lot of meringue. Because merinque is really only egg whites, sugar, and flavoring (optional), they won’t be adding any fat to your diet, and eating them will likely prevent you from indulging in other, higher fat dessert foods. Best of all, if you cook them at a low heat for a slightly longer time, they’ll be crispier and will keep better, letting you enjoy them for the better part of a week.

Because eggs and egg whites are such a great source of protein, they can be a healthy addition even to main dishes. Instead of eating the fatty ground beef in taco fillings, scramble egg whites with taco seasoning- you’ll hardly notice the difference. If you’re having trouble bringing yourself to consume the large amounts of veggies necessary to maintain a low fat diet, mix them up into an egg white omelette. Make sure to add lots of herbs and pepper and a pinch of salt. If, as part of your diet, you don’t want to add cheese to the omelette, sliced mushrooms can add the requisite texture while a sliced avocado on top can add the good fat. When making soup, swirling in egg whites once the liquid comes to a boil will add flavor, texture, and protein. The possibilities for incorporating egg whites into a low fat diet are nearly endless.

Thus far, I’ve only mentioned egg whites, but going low fat does not mean you can’t have a yolk here or there. Just make sure that it’s in place of other, fattier foods, and you’ll be all set. Also, ensure it’s in a low-fat form: a poached egg is delicious and healthy, but eggs benedict has incredible amounts of fat from the butter, eggs, and ham. Similarly, a hard-boiled egg is delicious to have at work, but egg salad is fat-filled, and should be avoided.

With a little innovation, portion control, and common sense, eggs can be a staple in your low fat diet, not a scourge.