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Eating Gluten Free in Restaurants

If you have celiac disease, it is important to be avoiding certain foods when dining out in restaurants.

This is easier than done as an astounding eighty six percent of people have stated that they found it very difficult, and challenging, to eat out at restaurants and that they found it very frustrating for them!

However, it is possible to overcome this obstacle providing that you are inquisitive!

Here are some suggestions of the things you can do:

1. Do not ever go to a restaurant feeling very hungry.

The hungrier you are, the more chance you have of picking the wrong foods, as we all love to eat whatever we want when we just want to stuff food into our mouths!

2. Be knowledgeable about celiac disease, and gluten free diets in general, as then that is more power to you, to avoid eating particular foods by mistake, especially when certain ones contain wheat, barley and rye without you ever thinking it does.

3. There are directories on the internet that tell you which ones to eat in, and that contain gluten free foods. A quick search on google, just by typing in “gluten free foods”, does the trick!

If this is not possible for you, call your local restaurant in advance and ask if they have gluten free food items, so you can prepare yourself.

Go online again and see if there are menus available for your particular restaurant. You just may be surprised as more and more are becoming available today and this can be used as a useful tool to know whether there are gluten free foods!

4. Be sure to tell your waiter that you are gluten intolerant, although telling them you have allergies, a little white lie, will be a tremendous help to you, as many managers and, especially waiters, may not know what involves being gluten intolerant.

5. Tell the chef and your waiter that cooking utensils need to be as clean as possible, and that they cannot have traces of other foods on them because of the possibility that you can still suffer effects from the small traces.

6. Tip well, as this will bring good service to you from the staff regarding your condition, in the future!

7. Appreciate what you have!

I know this may sound condescending, but if you think negatively about your gluten free problem, and that you have more limited foods to consume, than the average person then you will only be upsetting yourself, causing the whole occasion to be negative!

8. Don’t guess! Taking a gamble on which foods are gluten free is never good and you can end up paying a heavy price if you are wrong!

As mentioned, take your time and ask the right questions.

9. Be particularly wary of soup and salad dishes!

Many of these contain gluten without you ever thinking they would and they can catch you out!

Ask questions about everything!

10. Do not be afraid to send food back if it contains gluten.

Staff at restaurants will make mistakes, so be patient and politely explain why you cannot consume a particular dish that is on your table.

11. If the restaurant stocks it, drink cranberry juice, as there has been research to suggest that the ingredients in this will lower the effects of accidentally consuming gluten. However, do not treat thing as some wonder drug, as it has been known to fight only against minute amounts.