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Easy Kabob Recipes Grilling Kabobs

Ingredients for Steak and Pepper Kabobs:

Stew Beef (pre-cut): 1-2 lbs package

Bell Peppers: 2-3 medium to large size peppers in assorted colors

Onions: 1-2 depending on size and preference

Mushrooms: 1 small pre-packaged container is usually enough

Spice or meat marinade: 1 small bottle of 30 minute marinade for the meat, or one small container of spice rub

For the vegetables: you will need enough vegetable oil and vinegar to coat them thoroughly, about a half cup of each, as well as any spice you plan to use on them as well

And of course, don’t forget the skewers; wooden skewers usually work best because they are disposable and are much easier to handle because the wooden skewer dissipates heat more quickly then metal ones.

Kabobs are one of the most flexible types of food to cook on the grill. You can use steak, pork, shrimp, or chicken, with whatever combination of vegetables that you want, the options are limitless. You can also mix what types of meat to use as well, although you should be careful not to let the raw chicken or pork touch the beef. For steak and pepper kabobs, the recipe is pretty straight forward. If you would prefer any of the other above-mentioned meats the instructions are still the same, simply adjust the cooking time to make sure your chicken or pork is thoroughly cooked.

For the meat I recommend using pre-cut stew beef, look for a good texture in the meat and little fat. The meat is normally cut into the perfect size to make kabobs, therefore saving yourself a lot of preparation time as well as money. If however, you’d prefer another type of beef, you can easily use steaks by cutting them into sections large enough so that the skewer can be run through them so that they won’t shrink during cooking and slide off of the skewer. Before placing anything on the skewers however, make sure to marinate both your meat and vegetables adequately first. Season the meat to your preference, spice rubs are one option, but there is also a wide variety of “30 minute” marinades to choose from. Caribbean jerk marinade is one that I use often, but regardless of your preference in terms of what meat you’ll be using and what spices, be sure to place them in a dish and cover it until it is thoroughly marinated.

A colorful variety of bell peppers can really make the kabobs stand out, red and green, or orange peppers are all a good choice and the combination of these adds character to the look of the finished kabob, the choice really just depends upon your preference. After removing the stem and seeds, cut the peppers into roughly 1″x 1″ pieces. If you would prefer a larger piece of pepper, cut them into 1″ wide x 2″ long pieces and run the skewers through the slices of pepper twice to ensure that they are stretched out while on the grill and can cook thoroughly.

To season the vegetables I use a mixture of apple cider vinegar and fat-free vegetable oil before putting them on the kabobs. Along with the vinegar, herbs and spices can be used to flavor the peppers. Place peppers in bowl with oil, vinegar, etc., and cover in the same manner as the meat. Be sure that the peppers are sufficiently coated with oil, this will keep them from burning while cooking on the grill. You can also prepare onions, mushrooms, and many other types of veggies in the same way, but be sure to keep the vegetable marinade in case they begin to dry out so that you can coat them using a small brush. Do not use the marinade from the meat to try to coat the kabobs once they’ve been placed on the grill, since the meat was marinaded when raw, the marinade they were soaked in will undoubtedly contain blood from the meat and should be thrown away.

Arrange the meat and vegetables on the kabobs in whichever order you like, but it’s best to place a piece of meat toward the end of the skewer closest to where your hand will be when consuming them. It is also a good idea to place a piece of meat on the other end of the kabob as well, arranging them this way ensures that the vegetables won’t slide off either end of the kabob. It is also important to leave enough room at the end of the kabob so that it will be easier to grasp and rotate them as they cook. If you are using wooden skewers it is best to soak them in water for a couple of hours before use to avoid having them burn or even catch fire while on the grill. If necessary, after placing the peppers on the kabobs, brush them with the leftover oil and vinegar marinade to ensure a thorough coating. After they have been marinated and coated with vegetable oil, it’s sometimes best to sprinkle on the type of seasoning you are using then so that it sticks to the coated vegetables.

Heat grill to high and place kabobs directly on the rack evenly. Sear the meat and flip the kabobs two-three times. Since the pieces of steak are small it takes very little time to cook them, the best way to prepare steak kabobs is to cook them as if you were cooking the meat to be medium-rare. Since it is beef and can be eaten slightly undercooked, cook the kabobs until the veggies are done. When cooking a lot of kabobs at one time it’s best to utilize the upper tray that is available in many grills. Since they are cooked on high and seared quickly, the kabobs can be placed on a higher rack to cook completely through while a second batch is placed on the bottom for searing.

This is one of the simplest recipes for cooking kabobs, but it is also one of tastiest. Just be sure to marinate your meat and vegetables properly, soak the skewers if you are using wooden ones, and be sure to get the grill good and hot so that the meat sears before being moved to the upper grill to allow the vegetables to cook completely.