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Easy German Pancakes

My neighbour of many years was a German lady, who married an Englishman after WW2. She was a great gardener, housekeeper and cook, and she gave me this recipe for German potato pancakes, calling them “latkes.” I believe they belong to the Jewish tradition of cookery, but she, a staunch Catholic, loved them. They are so easy and so tasty, the real McCoy. She was not exactly precise, but her recipe worked for me. I hope you find it equally easy and as delicious as I do.


2 big raw, peeled potatoes
2 large eggs, beaten
1/2 large onion, peeled.
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Good virgin olive oil to fry.


Coarsely grate the potatoes into a big bowl, then grate the onion into this. Drain off excess liquid from the mix, this is important, as a lot of water will come out of the potatoes. Add the seasoning and beaten egg and stir well. Heat a non-stick pan, or better still, an iron frying pan, add a spoonful of oil, get it hot, but not burning. Get a good tablespoon of the mix and drop it into the hot oil, and then another two spoonfuls. Keep them in their shape with a spatula. You can usually fit 2-3 small pancakes into a good sized pan. Cook gently for around 3-4 minutes, checking with the spatula that they have turned golden brown. Turn them over and repeat – you may need to add a little more oil as you go along, use your discretion. Put the finished pancakes on a plate in a warm oven till you have cooked up all the mixture. Serve with grilled, crispy bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and some crusty, buttered bread. A great brunch, a light evening meal, or just when you want something really tasty. My children used to love these pancakes with baked beans and pork sausages. The pancakes could also make an interesting starter, with a cream cheese and chive topping, or a salmon and mayonnaise mix, ideas I think I MUST try out, the sooner the better. Enjoy.