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Earls Restaurant Review Whistler Earls Bar Whistler where to Eat in Whistler

Earls is basically a restaurant. It’s simple food in a nice bar with lots of friendly people. The ‘Earls Girls’ are famous in Canada apparently and when you meet them you can see why. When visiting any Earls you will find the waitresses are very pretty and very friendly. I would describe this restaurant as a classy version of hooters!

Earls is a chain restaurant and you tend to find the menus and layout of all the restaurants are pretty similar. The layout in Whistler is mainly open plan but there are some more private booths and you can also sit up at the bar. The Whistler Earls does get very busy so if you’re planning a visit I recommended booking a table.

There is a really nice family atmosphere in these restaurants. If you’re not interested in eating, you have the option of sitting at the bar. There are always plenty of sports on the TVs above the bar showing everything from Hockey to American Football.

The food at Earls is excellent. I like the spicy chicken wings to start. The burgers or the steaks are highly recommend for the main meals. The portions are of a good size and are excellent value for the price. The dessert menu is also very good and there are some really tasty options on there. The food in Earls is not overly fancy, just good quality food that people can enjoy.

There is also an excellent choice of drinks, plenty of beers to choose from including lots of local beers either on tap or in bottles. There are some nice wines to try and a whisky menu and if you want something a bit different and then a whole list of cocktails to try. They often have special offers on shots as well and these can be really good value.

The service is excellent at Earls. All the girls seem to really know what they are doing and make sure you have everything you need. As soon as your drink is empty they appear to see if you would like another. The food came quickly and all the orders were correct. All the staff were very friendly and happy to chat to us while they took are orders and served our food.

The prices in Earls are about average for what you will pay when eating out in Canada. It costs about $20 for a steak and about $15 for a burger. . Drinks were about average prices as well although there were offers on some drinks that made it a little cheaper.

If you ever visit Canada, or America as they have Earls there as well, this is an excellent place to eat. The food was very good, the service excellent and the atmosphere warm and friendly. And not forgetting the rather lovely Earls Girls! This is a great place to eat that everyone can enjoy and the Earls in Whistler really is an excellent one.