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Drink Recipes non Alcoholic Drinks for a new Years Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration. Bringing in the New Year with family and friends is a time-honored tradition. While many of these celebrations include the consumption of alcohol, there are individuals who won’t be drinking this New Year’s Eve.

Creating non-alcoholic party drinks are simple to prepare, sometimes more simple than their alcoholic counterparts. Most drink mixes do not contain alcohol and can be added to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Always check the label of ingredients you are adding to your non-alcoholic drinks. Some of these items like grenadine come in alcoholic and non-alcoholic forms. There are many mixed drink recipes that can be made into a non-alcoholic drink simply by omitting the alcohol. Keep an extra blender on stand-by to use specifically for non-alcoholic drinks.

The most popular non-alcoholic drink is the Shirley Temple. This simple yet enjoyable party drink was created by a bartender in Beverly Hills for the young child actress. The original Shirley Temple created at Chasen’s restaurant included 2 parts ginger ale, one part orange juice and a splash of grenadine, garnished with a cherry or orange slice. The Shirley Temple drinks made today may have 7-up or other lemon-lime flavored soda instead of ginger ale and can be prepared with or without the orange juice.

A spin-off from the Shirley Temple drink is one named for the “King of the Cowboys”, Mr. Roy Rogers. The Roy Rogers is prepared with 6 to 8 ounces of your favorite cola (typically coke is used) and a quarter ounce of grenadine, garnished with a maraschino cherry. Add the ingredients to a tall glass (Collins glass) with ice and mix well.

Even those who are staying sober this New Year’s Eve can enjoy a Margarita. The Virgin Margarita can be created with 1 1/2 ounces sweet-and-sour mix, 1/2 ounce lime juice and 1/2 ounce orange juice. The popular Bloody Mary can also be turned into a non-alcoholic crowd pleaser. Combine the following ingredients in a mixing class or cocktail shaker and shake with ice. Strain the ingredients into an ice-filled high ball glass and garnish with a celery stick and lime wedge.

The Virgin Mary

4 oz tomato juice

1/2 oz lemon juice

1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1 dash of Tabasco sauce

1 pinch of celery salt

1 pinch of salt

1 pinch of pepper

1 celery stalk

1 lime wedge

Of course, the New Year can’t be brought in without the champagne. An alternative to alcoholic champagne is combining club soda with thawed, frozen white grape juice concentrate. Add one container of the concentrate (12 ounces) to 32 ounces of club soda. This should provide at least 10 non-alcoholic Champagne-style drinks to your guests.

Any celebration or get-together that serves alcohol should provide non-alcoholic drinks to those who choose to stay sober. Whether it be they are the designated driver or for health reasons, there will be plenty of party-goers wanting to join in on the New Year festivities while keeping a clear head. There are the alternatives to alcohol such as straight soda, bottled water and juices but there are also many festive non-alcoholic drinks that your guests will enjoy.