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Double down

Throwing nutritional value out the window KFC redesigned the traditional sandwich by introducing the Double Down to the fast food world on April 12, 2010. The Double Down sandwich consists of two juicy boneless chicken filets which serve as the “bread” that holds the two pieces of bacon, two pieces of monterey jack and pepperjack cheese, and special sauce that are stuffed inside. The Double Down comes in two forms, greasy and breaded original recipe or grilled chicken. However, KFC tends to advertise the original recipe version almost exclusively.

The Double Down caused a commotion in the public eye for two main reasons, it’s one-of-a-kind appearance and its ignorance towards the movement towards people become more conscious of healthy eating habits.

First of all, this new “sandwich” is different from any other fast food sandwich with no bread or bun of any kind. A sandwich held together by meat is a new concept, something rarely if ever seen in the fast food or for that matter, the overall restaurant world. This was something unfamiliar to consumers, something they weren’t sure of, an entirely new definition for what they had always known as a sandwich. While some people were compelled to take the risk and try the Double Down, others were wary of it and unsure. They would continue ordering their own traditional KFC favorites and let other more adventureous souls try it first and observe their reactions.

Secondly, containing 540 calories, 32 grams of fat, and 1380 mg of sodium in its original form and 460 claories, 23 grams of fat, and 1430 mg of sodium in its grilled form, the Double Down, by itself, contains more than 25% of the calories and more than 50% of the fat one should consume in an entire day. While other fast food restaurants are trying to introduce healthier choices to their menus, by introducing the Double Down, KFC seemed to be going in the opposite direction basically encouraging obesity with the advent of one innovative sandwich. Many critics of the Double Down believe that KFC duped the public in a way by leading them to beleive that because the Double Down does not contain bread or a bun of any kind that it is healthier than other fast food sandwiches when in reality it is just as unhealthy or unhealthier than its competitors’ chicken sandwiches.

While KFC was unique in introducing its new Double Down sandwich last month, it was not something that was an immediate hit with the public as it was something they had never seen before and went against the current trend towards more health conscious eating.