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Dinner Party Tips Hosting

You don’t have to spend hours and hours planning to create a great atmosphere for a social gathering. With a few basic tips you’ll have the inspiration and understanding to go away and hold a fantastic event, with maximum output for minimal input.

Set the mood with the right music. It should gently flow into the atmosphere of the room, staying in the background so as not to overpower your guests. After all, it’s their convorsation you want to hear. Soft classical music does the trick very well indeed.

Once the music is right, dim the light to a humble glow. Then, set a charming tone with some lit candles around your room. Don’t over do it, though. Up to ten should be enough for the average sized dining room. If you don’t have a dimmer for your lights, buy a low-watt lightbulb and this should be sufficient.

For the centrepiece, a floral setting is fairly clich. Why not try something simple, like a refreshing bowl of lemons? Or how about a red and white grape setting, whereby you can invite guests to eat them at the end of the meal? If these options aren’t for you, try a simple ornament and surround it with small candles. This is equally effective.

Now for the actual entertainment. The traditional party games can become tedious – how many times have we all played charades before? Spice up your party by adding a murder mystery theme. There are plenty of these do-it-yourself Cluedo style games available to download online. Alternatively, why not try a casino theme? You could hire a roulette table and a croupier for the evening. If you’d rather not play any games, why not host a cocktail evening? You can either make them up yourself or hire an experienced cocktail waiter. A few mojitos can relax any tension and really get the convorsation to flow.

For those summer garden parties, the same rules apply when it comes to the music. However, when it comes to lighting your options open up. There are lots of differing patio lights on the market. Particularly elegant in style are tiki lights. If you don’t want to go out and buy lights, why not half fill old jars with sand and place a candle inside? Then decorate the edge of your patio with each jar. If you are entertaining outside it’s always important to remember that mosquitos can cause problems. Don’t let these little irritants pester your guests – invest in an anti-mosquito lantern.

Always make sure you have everything set up before your guests arrive – your attention should be with them from the moment they step inside your home. The atmosphere is the key to a successful social gathering. Create the right setting and you’ll have a night to remember.