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Diet Irn Bru

Since I’ve been ill for about a week now, I’ve decided to let myself eat and drink whatever I want in the hope that it will help speed up my recovery. Over the past few days that has included tablet, Ben and Jerry’s and lots of yoghurt covered raisins (which are ridiculously good, by the way), but for some reason today I had a real craving for something else: Diet Irn Bru. I’m a fan of Irn Bru, both diet and ordinary, but rarely drink, so I decided to let myself have some of it today.

I drink far too many fizzy drinks, and used to have a bottle of Diet Coke or Pepsi Max almost every day. I’ve been trying to cut down recently, or at least vary the drinks that I have, which is how I started drinking Irn Bru in the first place. I’d tasted it before, but at home in Newcastle it wasn’t as widely available as cola or lemonade so I never really bothered to drink it, but now that I’m in Edinburgh it’s available everywhere, and so it became a lot more appealing to me. I started drinking Irn Bru more and more, but never excessively, as I adored the sweet yet interesting taste which made a nice change from cola or lemonade. I started to put weight on, however, at the end of last year, and so as part of my new eating plan I’ve decided to only have diet soft drinks if I’m going to have them at all, which is how I came to try Diet Irn Bru.

The new advertising campaign for Diet Irn Bru involves suggesting that the original type and the diet type taste and look the same, except for the fact that one of them is sugar free. Whereas this is a clever advertising campaign and is one that is likely to attract many people to the sugar free camp, its message isn’t exactly true, as there is a noticeable difference between the two flavours. It’s difficult to explain the difference, as it’s very difficult to explain the taste of Irn Bru in the first place, but while Irn Bru is very sweet with a nice tang to it, Diet Irn Bru tastes a lot like a watered down version of the original, with less sweetness and barely any tang. The difference between the original and the diet flavours is similar to that between Coca Cola and Diet Coke, or any of the Zero’ drinks and their originals. The only real difference for me is, whereas I prefer Diet Coke and Pepsi Max to their sugary alternatives, because I find the original flavours far too sweet to enjoy them, I actually prefer normal Irn Bru to the diet, and only really drink it due to its much lower calorie content.

In conclusion, while Diet Irn Bru is a very nice drink and one that I will continue to buy, I do prefer the full sugar version, and if calories wasn’t an issue for me then I would definitely choose Irn Bru over Diet Irn Bru any day. That said, I would still strongly recommend Diet Irn Bru for anyone who loves the delicious taste of Irn Bru but is trying to watch their waistline.