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Diet Drinks which is more Fattening do Diet Drinks Make you Fatter

Are diet drinks better for you?, or is the mis-leading diet sign that makes the use of them less inevitable?

The unfortunate truth behind it is that Diet Drinks can and most likely WILL make you fatter, and also make you reach for more fat foods, it was researched that the 59% of Americans drinking diet soft drinks/soda don’t actually realise that because of the sweetners etc, they will and do make you gain more weight. Now don’t get this wrong, drinking normal soda/soft drinks will still make you gain weight, but at a less average, if your a teen who’s reading this who’s mum constantly buys him diet versions of the drinks he likes, then tell her to google it and have a look people, because the truth hurts and will continue to do so.

Researchers at the University released their finding after studying 600 people for as many as eight years. Some test subjects drank regular soft drinks, about 140 calories per can, while others drank zero-calorie diet versions. Those who drank between one and two cans of regular soft drinks per day became obese 33 percent of the time, while diet drinkers became obese 54 percent of the time, a staggering difference of 21 percent.

It’s also noted drinking diet drinks WILL increase your appetite, so if you really think this is wrong, think again.

Of course I don’t expect you to believe this article alone, so I decided to compile a list of other sources:



Now in my opinion, I believe this. Lately my mum has been buying more diet drinks because she’s concerned about my teeth, but i’ve put a few pounds on, if you really need proved wrong or want to try and get the satisfactory of me being wrong, do an experiment, get one of your friends to eat the same food as you, but one of you drink normal soda and the other drink diet, 1 can every day, this is real people, and it’s time to research, because if it hasn’t become apparent enough, the word might not be reality. A noted quote line by Paris Hilton “Diet drinks are for fat people” actually in a sense is correct, if I would advise anything, if your going to drink soda/soft drinks, if your concerned about your weight, drink 1 can of the normal stuff, the taste is better and not as fattening.

Also a quick message to parents, you need to stop trusting logo’s and begin researching up, your going to feed your kids the wrong stuff, because you’ve allowed words to portray your opinions over FACTS.