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Diet Cherry Coca Cola


Firstly I need to say that I am not the World’s biggest Coca-cola fan, or drinker for that matter. I occasionally have a Coke or Pepsi and, when I do, I always buy the sugar free option, even if I am planning on scoffing a Mars bar as well. No hope for me I know.

Recently my husband brought home a couple of those packs of four cans of Coke and these have been in the Diet Cherry flavour. He assured me that they were lovely and refreshing and that, even he who does not like cherry flavour normally, loves these. So gasping of thirst last week, having been clearing bricks and the like from under our floor, I succumbed to one of these cans of Coke.


Made by the Coca-cola company the cans and packaging look very much like that of traditional cans of Coke. The four pack was on offer, at Asda apparently, but I am not sure how much for. They would have needed to be cheap though for my Husband to buy them in the first place. The Diet Cherry Coke is available in other size option such as large bottles, individual bottles and larger multi-packs.

The first time I drank a can of this Coke I thought the cherry flavour was very strong but in a synthetic sort of way. Having drunk a couple of cans now I seem to find that the cherry flavour is more of an after taste than an initial hit. The prime taste, at first, is coca-cola. It is as fizzy as usual and each can has 330mls and just three calories. So, in the calorie stakes it is a very good product if you are trying to lose weight but I am not sure how healthy it is for you.

One thing that put me of Coke years ago was that, working in an Art Gallery, I was told to make sure that no-one carrying or drinking a can of coke was allowed to bring it in to the gallery. This was because if it was thrown at an oil painting it would ruin the paint and in some cases strip it down. Heaven only knows what it does to stomachs.


The makers of Diet Cherry Coke recommend that this product is best served chilled. I find that it is quite refreshing anyway but is a little better chilled. As an occasional drink I do not think that there is anything too damaging in this coke however I would not recommend anyone drinking a great deal of Coke anyway.

Personally I quite like the taste of the Cherry variety of Diet Coke. It is a little different but, despite Hubby’s opinion, I would think that it is not for those who do not like cherry flavour.