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Desserts Top 10 most Indulgent Desserts

Indulgence and desserts are synonymous, one certainly compliments the other. Just indulging in the mere thought of desserts which tantalize the palette, kiss the taste-buds and have those happy endorphins dancing in ecstasy is reason enough to make the jeans feel somewhat tighter. Desserts are second to none when speaking of guilty pleasures. Desserts are the most pleasant of foods, yes calorie laden, high in trans fats, sugar coated and so unhealthy but so irresistible. We love desserts and they certainly live to tell the story when we indulge too often. Below is a list of 10 desserts deemed the most indulgent by a host of chefs around the world.

1) French Silk Pie:

Ready for a chocolate feast to beat all others? A host of food connoisseurs deem the French Silk Pie “ecstasy beyond your wildest culinary dreams“. With melt-in-the-mouth chocolate filling in a flaky crust, piled to the very brim with sweetened whipped cream, French Silk pie is often said to be a dessert lover’s orgasm. The taste buds will be in seventh heaven. The taste is sensational, it will send your tongue into spasms craving more. Such a lip smacking, addictive dessert this is. Made from the very best unsweetened gourmet chocolate, pure butter, heavy cream, white sugar, vanilla and eggs, powdered sugar and chocolate curls, dessert lovers will certainly enjoy the pure silkiness of this scrumptious pie.

2) Lava Cake:

Legend has it that chocolate Lava Cake was initially the result of a major culinary mishap. The dessert was originally meant to be individual chocolate cakes but unfortunately they were taken from the oven too early. The centres were still liquefied but the cook had no time to continue cooking them. Therefore the very clever Chef introduced the desert as Lava Cake. Moelleux au Chocolat Lava Cake is a popular French classic lava cake which is absolutely irresistible. The liquid centre will literally melt in your mouth and it’s so easy to make at home. One can prepare and bake this cake in less than half an hour. Look online for a vast array of recipes, your taste buds will be delighted if you do.

3) Lemon Meringue Pie:

Lemon Meringue Pie is loved the world over, the the tart taste of lemons and the soft meringue makes this a dream of a dessert. With a biscuit type pastry base, Lemon Meringue Pie is gives one a wonderful culinary combination of bitter sweetness. Such a refreshing type of dessert this is with the lemon counterbalancing the sugar intake. If you’re after a sugar high, this is it.

4) Baked Alaska:

Baked Alaska (also called Bombe Alaska or glace au four) is a dessert which is usually made of ice-cream placed in a pie dish which is lined with slices of sponge cake or Christmas pudding. This is topped with meringue and placed within an extremely hot oven long enough to firm the meringue. The meringue acts as an insulator which prevents the heat getting through to the ice-cream. The name Bombe Alaska was coined at Delmonico’s Restaurant back in 1876 to acknowledge the recently acquired American territory. Many types of Bombe Alaska includes the addition of dark rum which is splashed over the dessert just prior to serving. The lights are turned down and the entire dessert is flambéed just before it is served. Other types of Bombe Alaska calls for raspberry filling to be substituted for the ice-cream or added to all the ingredients.

5) Tiramisu:

Tiramisu is one of the most popular Italian cakes ever created. Made of savoiardi (which is otherwise known as lady finger biscuits) which are dipped in rum, strong or espresso coffee and layered with a mixture of whipped egg yolks, sugar and mascarpone cheese topped with cocoa, Tiramisu will delight even the fussiest of dessert lovers. Tiramisu is more than a sinfully decadent dessert, it’s a dieter’s nightmare.

6) Black Forest Gateau:

Loved all around the world, Black Forest Gateau is a superb dessert. German born, Black Forest Gateau tastes superb when authentic and not the cheaply made imitation ones found within a vast array of food outlets. It’s often said with tongue in cheek, that a host of sins are committed in the name of Black Forest Gateau. But properly prepared, a host of world renown chefs deem this delicious sponge cake the taste of a cherry orchard in high summer. What’s so special about Black Forest Gateau? Think sponge cake, cherries steeped in Kirsch, chocolate and cream and you’ll get a vivid mental image. Now put your tongue back in your mouth. Sounds amazing and it is. Thin layers of chocolate melt in the mouth as the sharp taste of Kirsch thrills the senses, the cream slides across the tongue as one thinks, “Ah this is utter bliss!” Add the strong tastes of coffee and cocoa and you’re in dessert heaven.

7) Pavlova;

Pavlova is a meringue based dessert which was named after the world renown Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. Pavlova is a source of many arguments as to its original creator but research indicates New Zealand is its original birthplace. The crispy crust of the meringue and the soft, light inner taste simply melts in the mouth. What a wonderful combination of taste as well as textures. Adorned with fruits of the season such as strawberries, blueberries, melon, passion fruit pulp and grapes topped with thickened cream, kisses the senses as it passes the lips. One will have problems saying no to seconds. Ah another addition to ones guilty pleasures, but so desirable. Fattening yes, but the fruits are a healthy addition.

8) White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake:

The combination of crushed shortbread biscuits, butter, softened Philadelphia cream cheese, sugar, lemon rind, gelatine, water, white chocolate, whipped cream, fresh raspberries and icing sugar make this a dessert to sell your soul for. Decadent indeed, sweet and so pleasing to the taste buds, food connoisseurs can’t get enough of this dessert. Yes it’s laden with calories and one will certainly add inches to the waistline if they indulge in this too often, but it sure is heavenly.

9) Apple Pie:

Apple pie is an all time favourite dessert loved by the young and the old. Eaten with thickened cream, ice-cream or custard, one just can’t get enough of this highly popular dessert. Stewed apples, cloves and sugar combined together with a lovely golden brown crispy crust is just what the doctor ordered. Well ok, he only said apples are healthy but the extras sure taste good. The stewed apples please the senses when mixed with brown sugar and that tangy taste of cloves is definitely a bonus.

10) Trifle:

Trifle goes down well on any occasion. Layers and layers of sheer indulgence goes into the making of trifles. With a great many varieties to choose from trifle is refreshing and certainly one of the most popular comfort foods in the entire world. Think of layers of sponge fingers, a dash of sweet sherry, various fruits of the season, jelly, smooth velvety custard, double fresh cream and you have a variety of textures and flavours to enjoy. Add some mint chocolate shavings, a tablespoon of lime juice to give it a sensational tang or top it with a sprinkling of cinnamon for a truly superb unique tastes.

Ah who doesn’t love indulging in the forbidden foods which are frequently deemed guilty pleasures? High in calories perhaps, but oh so tempting. Adding inches to the hips and waistline but deprivation would be utter torture.