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Dessert Holiday Surprise Jello Pudding Angel Food Cake Light Easy Inexpensive Entertaining

Memere’s Surprise Dessert

This unique dessert is light, colorful, and a cinch to make. If you are searching for an easy, cost-effective recipe to share with family and friends then look no further. The surprise are the bright, inviting colors and the interesting texture of this luscious dessert.

Jell-O and pudding are timeless kid favorites and guaranteed to please guests of all ages. With just a few moments of prep this is the essential holiday treat. Serve it at your holiday dinner or party to make entertaining easy without sacrificing taste or decadence. This fool-proof dessert is a guaranteed show-stopper.


1~ Angel food fake1 large package
~ (Strawberry) gelatin 1 large package
~ Vanilla pudding
1 tub~ Cool-whip topping

Approximately 3 cups~ Water
Approximately 2 cups~ Milk

Toasted chopped toasted almond,Fresh Mint Sprigs (for garnish)

Purchase a store-made angel food cake for super simplicity or save a few extra pennies by baking your own ahead of time. It is all up to you. Also note that the strawberry gelatin (Jell-O) can be replaced with raspberry or cherry per personal preference. Adventurous spirits may even opt for lime, orange, or blue-raspberry though the results may be more intriguing than inspiring.

How To:
In separate bowls prepare the strawberry gelatin and vanilla pudding according to the package directions. However, do not allow to set as suggested. Next, cut the Angel food cake into 1-inch thick slices. Choose a large bowl in which to prepare the dessert. Opt for a fancy family favorite for eye-appeal or a simple stainless steel or Tupperware dish for simplicity. Now begin layering. Start by covering the bottom of the dish with one layer of angel food cake. This may require occasional trimming of the pieces. Then, drizzle with gelatin liquid followed by a layer of vanilla pudding. Continue layering until you run out of angel food cake, gelatin, pudding, or space. In any case be sure your final layer is topped with plenty of gelatin and pudding. At this point your dish should be filled with a beautiful tie-dye mess.

Cover and allow this delicious concoction to set in the refrigerator for 8 to 24 hours. At this point the delightful dessert is ready and just waiting to be served to your guests. What could be simpler than that? Scoop into serving dishes and top with a nice dollop of cool-whip topping. One recipe typically makes enough for 8-12 servings. Optional: Garnish with a fresh sprig of mint, or some chopped toasted almonds.