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Delicious Summer Coffee

Coffee is a main staple in many lives of Americans today. We drink coffee in the morning, coffee on the way to work, coffee to knock off the winter chill, and even drink coffee to ward off the midday blues. Now that we are into the hottest months of summer, why not still enjoy coffee? Simply by adding ice and some flavors, Americans can take their coffee to new summer heights. The first thing to keep in mind is the quality of the coffee that will be used. The lower the quality, the lower the enjoyment. Now that is not to say to rush to the nearest specialty shop and spend your life’s savings on expensive imports. There are many reasonably priced coffee brands that can make perfect chilled summer treats.

Another component to the perfect summer coffee that many people might overlook is the choice of sweetener. Many Americans prefer the original, finely ground sugar. But for those who need healthier options or are looking to broaden their sweet horizons so to speak, there are sugar alternatives. There are organic sugars made from evaporated cane juice. Artificial sweeteners like Sweet ‘N’ Low are popular among people with diabetes or those watching their sugar intake. A newer concept that seems to be taking off is using agave nectar to sweeten coffee. Agave nectar is produced from the same plant that tequila is derived from: Blue Agaves.

The final component to a delicious flavorful chilled summer coffee would be that of choice. Some people prefer caramel syrup, mocha syrup, chocolate, or even a dash of cinnamon or two. Just as their chilled counterparts, warm versions of these flavored coffees are delicious as well. Many Americans choose to buy flavored creamers to add to the coffee to give it those subtle hints of preferred flavorings. Creamers come in hazelnut, french vanilla, pumpkin spice, and toffee. As for a specific recipe, there are no guidelines to follow when making delicious summer creations. Let your taste buds take you to new heights this summer. Get out there and experiment.