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Delicious Fish Risotto for all the Omega 3 you need

No need for scary amounts of oil and butter in a Risotto, 3 table spoons of olive oil are sufficient for a delicious Risotto. Arborio rice is preferable. If not used, I suggest using a non-fat evaporated milk to make up for the Arborio’s creamy starch. The first 5 minutes and the last 10 minutes are key. Here, let’s make a Salmon Risotto, for those Omega 3 oils instead of all that butter!
Ingredients (for 2-3 people)

A cup of Arborio rice (Any Jasmin rice would do, no Basmati)

1 Medium salmon

2 lemons

1 and 1/2 onions, 1 carrot, 2 fresh tomatoes

1 bouquet of parsley, 6 Brussel Sprouts, 1 bouquet of sparagus

Pepper, garlic, bay leaves and fennel, seasoning cube “KNORR” is good.

Olive oil, 1 can of “Carnation” non-fat evaporated milk.

For the broth, divide the fish into 3 pieces and set aside. In a food processor, finely chop up half the parsley, 2 garlics, some pepper, salt and fennel. Make a whole in the fish on each side of the central bone and fill it up with the mixture. Sprinkle the fish with lemon juice, salt and set aside.

Blend 1/2 onion and a tomatoe plus seasoning. Add a table spoon of oil to pan. Add chopped onion and fresh tomatoe, stir 5 minutes, add some crushed garlic, some pepper, 3 bay leaves and some fennel. Add 4 cups of water. Incorporate carrots, boil a little while. Lay the fish into the broth and follow with the brussel sprouts. Add the blend of tomatoe and onion to thicken broth, add lemon and Fennel. Cook at medium for 15 minutes. Stir gently. Taste and adjust the flavor as needed. Add the Sparagus for only 3 minutes. Remove the fish and the veggies into a separate dish. Add half a cup of wine to the broth, let the alcohol evaporate at low.

Rinse the rice, steam it until it becomes one block of rice, using a steaming pot or a microwave. Then break it down with a wooden spoon till it’s all separated, do this while it’s hot. In a separate pan, fry the rice with 2 table spoons of oil. The rice will be ferm, it will be coated and most importantly, it’s going to cook faster.

Incoporate rice to broth (2 1/2 cups should remain), let it boil 5 minutes at HIGH. Then stir and COVER 10 minutes at medium low. Uncover the pan, add 1/2 cup of milk and stir for 10 minutes, Risotto should be thick and creamy. Taste the rice, if it’s Al Dente, turn off the flame for the Risotto will keep cooking itself. If too watery, turn up stove to high again for faster evaporation and stir more frequently until satisfied. Don’t burn! Add some cheese. Serve very warm with the fish and the veggies on the side, top with fresh parsley…yummy!