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Cutco Knives Scam what you need to know about Vector Marketing

Cutco knives scam, a good opportunity, but not for you. I have fallen into this scam once, being a naive 18 year old trying to pay for college. Promised benefits and bonuses a normal job could not get me, but don’t be fooled, It’s not for your benefit, it is for Vector Marketing’s benefit.

They start out dazzling you with a product demonstration of their knives on wood and an old piece of leather, cutting through it easily and making you say, “Wow, it should be easy to sell these knives!” Next they share with you how you can get started in this “Easy” business. They throw around words like, “You set your own schedule,” “You are your own boss.”

Next, they explain how you can earn a lot of money with not a lot of effort, such as, having a client come to your own home for a knife party. Excuse me? The last party I would want to go to is a knife party.

You hear next about how to get your merchandise, it’s simple really, you pay about $125 just for one pack of basic knives, which you do not get back. There is no refund for these knives, so even if you sell them, you are still out of that good chunk of money. Even Avon pays you back for what you bought. On that subject, payment, It’s quite simple, you sell the knives, and you get a tiny percentage out of it, the more you sell, you get a bonus percentage they never pay you for. They just continue to tell you that in order to get the bonus, you must sell more and more knives. You will never receive this bonus, trust me.

This is one of the biggest scams out there right now, Vector Marketing sets up anywhere they think naive students will be. College, for instance. In Pueblo Community College, you can see the booth they always have set up with some bored and overly happy representative wanting you to make a deposit right then and there, then wanting you to make an appointment after they receive your money. If I could do one thing right in the world,

I would want to warn students and those down on their luck, that Vector Marketing’s Cutco Knives, is all a scam and to get out as fast as you possibly can. Remember, It’s not you that gets the big bucks, It’s them. You do the work, they reap the profits.