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Creative Ideas for Flavored Butter

Butter is a kitchen staple that tastes good just the way it is. It adds flavor to sauces, meats, breads, soups, frosting, cakes, cookies, stuffing and just about everything else that tastes good. Nonetheless, it does not hurt to flavor butter every now and then. Sure, it tastes good without any help, but that does not mean it cannot taste even better. There are several creative ways that you can add a little flavor to butter, if you plan to use it as a spread.

Garlic and Rosemary Butter

Garlic and rosemary butter tastes good on bread served with an Italian dish or in mashed potatoes. It even tastes good spread over some poultry or fish before cooking. It is not that tough to put together, either. First, mince some fresh garlic (jarred or dry garlic is okay too, but fresh garlic is best). Next, take some fresh rosemary (again, dried is fine, but fresh is always better), remove the stems and give it a rough chop. Lastly, take some salted or unsalted butter (depending on your diet and tastes) and simply add the garlic and rosemary to taste. Blend the garlic and rosemary into the butter. This is not an exact science, so do not worry too much about a recipe. If you are just serving it with a little bread, a stick or less will be fine.

Honey and Sage Butter

Honey and sage butter is a delicious way to make your butter both sweet and savory. Making this butter is rather simple, but you have to find the right honey. Sage honey is what you need. Blend sage honey with butter to taste (if you like your butter sweet, more honey and vice versa). Whether you want your butter salted or unsalted will, again, depend on your diet and tastes. If you need to cut back on sodium, always go with unsalted butter. If you feel there is not enough “savory” to your sweet, go ahead and chop some fresh sage leaves and throw them in the batch. This will also add a little color to your butter.

Cinnamon or Cinnamon Sugar Butter

Making cinnamon butter is simply a matter of shaking out some cinnamon into some butter until the taste is just where you want it. If you want to make cinnamon sugar butter, just add a little sugar to taste. This concoction is great on anything from pancakes to dinner rolls. However, if you are going to use it on dinner rolls, salted butter is favorable because it tastes best on bread and adds a little salty to the sweet of cinnamon sugar butter.

These simple butter recipes can bring subtle flavors to an otherwise ordinary dish. If nothing on this list matches your meal, just take some of the spices you are putting in your meat or veggies and throw them in some butter. Just about anything will do, even Cajun seasoning. Do not be afraid to experiment.