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Creating a Delightful Fondue

No matter who started the fondue tradition, it’s a great way to entertain friends. Heat up a fondue pot, place it in the middle of a table and with a piece of pita bread dig in. It won’t last long. Whoever thought this up certainly had friends, simple table manners and fun in mind. The word itself suggests France since the word is French for melting. Not so say Simply Fondue, an online site. It came from Switzerland. The next question, why melt things; why not simply eat the cheese, the chocolate, the whatever?

Ah, I get it. Necessity again in to the rescue. The goat herders of Switzerland needed a way to soften the hardened cheeses so they could spread it on their bread. So they put a hardened chunk of cheese into a pot, placed it over a small flame, added a little milk and voila, fondue. What was he to do with the stale break? Why not soak it in the melted cheese.

Well not so simple probably but most recipes have had some such starts. It is a well known fact that sandwiches came into being because the Earl of Sandwich refused to leave his card game. His lunch was brought to him.

Back to the European peasants and their culinary contributions: This simple solutions to how to satisfy a hunger while hard at work and not at play as royalty often do, has switched roles. From its humble beginnings it has been elevated to haute cuisine.

As the word got around about such a nifty invention each section of the country improved on it. They used their own brand of cheese. Now each area of the world have all kinds of varieties of cheeses from which to melt in their fondue pots. And from there anything melted in a pot and dipped into becomes a fondue.

There are limitless possibilities for fondue. In lieu of a long list of recipes why not experiment? From your simple cheese recipe why not try any number of cooked vegetables and breads and create your own delicious pot of stew -I mean fondue.

Or from a batch of chocolate why not add crushed peppermint and dip candy canes for at a winter holiday treat. Or dip into the pot with bananas or apple slices. For a fun time why not have each guest -while dipping away – create other imaginative ways to use that new and nifty fondue pot. Make that Swiss goat herder proud.

Fondue parties are a popular way of entertaining friends. Several people gather around a large fondue and take turns dipping and munching. To get tips on how to arrange one of these informal parties check out Must know Fondue Tips online. (The first tip is how to figure how much food to put into that pot and what kind of pot to use and other must know information.

One word of caution: Before going to the trouble of planning a party with a large group of people, why not try out a few at home fondue recipes for weekend family treats. The children will love the novelty of being able to dip in a piece of toast, or a cracker, and possibly not notice the deliciious vegetables they are eating.