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Cotton Candy Barbecue Festival Foods

As soon as I arrive at the fair, I immediately make my way toward the most wonderful aroma there. I head straight for the vendor spinning fluffy pink cotton candy onto a stick. I can hardly wait to pull that first piece of sugary delight off of the stick, tilt my head back slightly and lower it into my mouth. The fluff dissolves quickly once it hits my tongue, but not before I have a chance to savor its uniquely wonderful flavor. Without a doubt cotton candy is may favorite food at any fair.

One of my favorite foods at a craft fair or seasonal festival is the hot, sweet, slightly messy funnel cake. The aroma as it cooks is fantastic. I like a sprinkling of confectioner’s sugar on my warm funnel cake. So what if it makes it a little sticky or if I find sugary speckles on my shirt after eating it. It’s delicious and that’s all that matters.

Another of my favorite festival foods is a blooming onion. I like the crispy outer covering and the soft, hot onion inside of it. The pieces are delicious when dipped in ranch dressing I have to have the help of a friend when eating one of these. It’s fun to pull the petals from the and eat as we walk and talk our way through the festival.

I live in the south and no festival would be complete in my area without barbecue. That smoky, pit cooked aroma permeates the air all along the street. Numerous vendors prepare their special version of sauce and there’s always a long line where barbecue is being sold. Around this area, you simply can’t leave the festival without enjoying a barbecue sandwich The bun is piled high with pork that has been pit cooked for hours. It has a hefty serving of slaw on it and lots of yummy sauce. Extra napkins are always needed. The sauce tends to ooze out of the bun and make its way down the hand that’s holding the sandwich. It’s hard not to get some of the wonderful sauce on the side of your mouth while eating this piled high sandwich. None of that matters though because everyone else is having the same drippy problems while enjoy what might well be the most delicious part of the festival.

I suppose the last food I would choose as a favorite festival food would be freshly made pork skins. They are a thousand times better than any you buy prepackaged at the store. I love to hear the crackle when I first put that freshly made pork skin in my mouth. It reminds me of the pop rock candy I enjoyed as a child.