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Cookout Ideas

Spring season is the beginning of cookout season. You have the grill. You have the food. Yet, you have no idea how to make it memorable. Here are some fun and easy ideas to having a good time.

You could have a themed cookout. Many people love to have a good time around good food. Why not include a theme? A good example would be a Hawaiian themed luau. You can easily pick up some Tiki torches, a few imitation grass skirts and coconut tops at your local party store. Incorporate some Hawiian dishes into your food selection. Have everyone compete in a hula dance contest. Hawaiian luaus are not the only theme to choose from. You could have a karaoke cookout, a trans gender cookout, a covered wagon or a masquerade cookout. Have everyone dress according to each theme. These are in no way meant to be insulting but merely costume themed cookouts to put a smile on every person’s face. You can also design some fun games around your party to bring a child-like humor to the occasion. Some fun activities would be egg relays where you must keep your egg on a small spoon. You could even have a girls against guys theme.

You could also have a late night cookout. This would require optimal weather in order to gaze at the stars. A full moon cookout would be perfect as a continual event. You could ask that everyone who was invited always come on the full moon nights of spring and summer for a monthly gathering. You can have a small fire to sit by while everyone eats. Everyone can tell scary stories, recall old memories or talk about what is going on in the present day. This would allow you to reconnect with the people you care about.

You could also have a kids cookout. Have your friends, co-workers and neighbors bring their children to your cookout. This would allow your children to mingle with other children that they have never met. You could have children themed games and activities planned to fill the evening with smiles and laughs. Some great games to play would be relay races, ring toss and water balloon battles. This may also be a way for you to get to know some of your neighbors and co-workers on a different level. You and your children could also invite kids from school. This would be a great way to meet the parents of children your kids value. Children being able to socialize casually is an important part of social development.

The main focus of many cookouts is to bring everyone in your life closer together. Bonding with people regularly is important to the overall quality of your life. Remember that a cookout can be a fun and inexpensive way to connect in a causal manor. Happiness can easily be shared with good food, good weather and good people.