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Cooking with coffee

Coffee is mainly known for being the bitter tasting beverage capable of waking you up in the morning. Coffee is not exactly known for being a side dish. However, coffee can be used in the kitchen in the same way you work with other aromas. Creative cooks can cook with coffee, to add specific flavors to beef or pork, or to lend some of the special taste of coffee to more or less pretentious desserts.

Adding coffee as a spice

Grilled meat, like beef and pork, has a great taste when spices are added to the mix. While coffee on its own may be too strong in aroma and taste, mixing ground coffee with some chili powder for a glorious effect. As coffee tends to be too bitter, it is important to add a bit a sugar to the ingredients list, as it provides just the right balance to the bitterness resulted from adding coffee to your spice mix.

Great with chocolate desserts

Chocolate desserts are seldom too sweet, so they benefit greatly from the bitter taste of coffee. You can make your own mocha glazing to pour over chocolate pudding or mousse, for a rich and amazing taste. Cooking with coffee is not very difficult and it mainly consists of knowing how much quantity of coffee to use.

When used for desserts, you can use espresso, but also other types of coffee. Dissolving the coffee in a bit of warm water, creating a liquid glazing is the right way to do it. Do not use more than one or two spoons of the bitter ingredient when you cook with coffee, as it may turn your dessert too bitter, as well.

Using coffee for marinade

A great way of lending meat a particular flavor is by placing the meat in a marinade. When you want to get creative in the kitchen, you could cook with coffee for a change. For instance, turkey meat placed in a marinade made with ground coffee, vinegar, sugar, pepper and cinnamon before cooking becomes more tender and borrows a great taste from the marinade ingredients.

Mixing coffee with maple syrup

Balancing sweet tastes with the bitter coffee is one of the simplest ways to cook with coffee. For instance, if you are looking to enhance your maple syrup glazing for cooked ribs, mixing it with coffee and some chili powder creates an amazing combination that will leave everyone at the table shouting for seconds.