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College Station Restaurants

College Station, Texas has exploded in size over the past few decades. Once just a small country town, College Station has grown right along with Texas A&M in size and scope. With this growth has come a vast amount of restaurants vying for the business in the tens of thousands of Aggies and the many other residents of the Bryan/College Station community. Here are just a few of the best restaurants in College Station.

Mexican Food

College Station has a myriad of Mexican food establishments, and all of them offer different menus. Abuelos is an excellent restaurant located on University Drive that offers gourmet style Mexican food. The food is great, the service is great, and the atmosphere is wonderful. The price tag is fairly steep though, which may scare away some people. Los Cucos is another great Mexican restaurant. It is located off Texas Avenue just south of Texas A&M, and it offers a wide range of food from your standard fajitas to enchiladas covered in chocolate mole sauce, offering almost endless options. The prices at Los Cucos are much more reasonable, especially for some of their more basic items. For the most authentic Mexican cuisine, your search must lead to the gas station on the corner of Highway 6 and Highway 30. Garpez, which occupies the left side of the Shell station, specializes in making authentic Mexican dishes for breakfast and lunch. Their breakfast tacos are wonderful, and the carne guisada is sure to lead to the strong desire for a siesta. They now have another location on Wellborn Road in Bryan, and that location is open for dinner and serves alcohol.

Asian Food

College Station is a center of Asian cuisine in the Brazos valley. With an increasing population of Asian students at Texas A&M, the demand for these restaurants has grown and curious students are finding out the joys of great Asian food.

On University Drive, Haiku and Atami battle for the title of best Japanese restaurant in town. Haiku offers a moderately priced menu and a wide range of menu options. Maybe you want a fun dining experience, so the hibachi tables may be what you are looking for. Want something other than Japanese? Haiku also has a range of Korean dishes. And of course no Japanese restaurant would be complete without sushi. There is a slight problem with slow or poor service at Haiku occasionally though. Atami is a slightly more upscale Japanese restaurant, with higher prices, better quality, and better service. Kyoto, owned by the same people who operate Haiku, is located on Northgate and is a mix between Japanese restaurant by day and sake bar by night. The menu is fairly limited, but for a fast Japanese lunch, it is a good option.

For a pan-Asian restaurant, Jin’s cannot be beat. Located near Saint Mary’s Catholic Church on Northgate. It offers Chinese, Korean, Indian, and Thai food, with many of the menu items being available with beef, chicken, shrimp, or even lamb with the Indian options. This allows you to theoretically eat a different menu item from Jin’s every day if you so chose. The food is great and reasonably priced, allowing for a cheap, tasty, and healthy lunch or dinner.

Vietnamese and Korean food also have their places in College Station. On Texas Avenue and Holleman, Pho John’s and Rosie’s Pho compete for the biggest share of the Vietnamese food market. Pho John’s has a simpler entree menu with many choices for dessert, and Rosie’s Pho offers not only Vietnamese but also many other Asian choices. For an authentic Korean dinner, Mong Chon (?) Korean Takeout is an excellent option. It is quite easy to miss as it is in a small shop across from The Tap, but you cannot get fresher Korean anywhere else in town. The dining room has refrigerators with kimchi and other Korean dishes available for purchase, and they also sell packages of seaweed, bulk rice, and other ingredients that are essential to Korean meals. The menus are mostly in Korean, which tells you something about the majority of the patrons. There is an English menu (as in one piece of paper), so those who do not speak Korean can still order. The meals are filling and wonderful, and all include a small yogurt drink that ends a meal wonderfully.


For good barbecue, you will have to cross the border into Bryan. Martin’s Barbecue, which has existed on College Avenue since the times of a trip to Bryan taking a day’s walk instead of a 20 minute drive. Their barbecue is tender and delicious, the sides are fresh, and the french fries are always cooked when you order them. This results in a wonderful meal, and you can enjoy this meal in a building that has been there for many decades. The chopped beef sandwiches are literally the best I have ever had anywhere. For good barbecue, skip the establishments in College Station and come to Martin’s.

There are countless other options, but many of those are simply chain restaurants that you have probably heard about before. Whether you are a student at Texas A&M, a resident of College Station, or just someone passing through, be sure to check out one of these establishments next time you come to town.