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Cola Artificial Sweetener Diet Cola

Soft drinks have to be one of my biggest down falls. I used to consume on average 10-12 cans of pop in a day. Of course they were diet so iIfigured it was okay. Boy was I wrong. Many people, like myself, tend to think that cola is a harmless, tasty drink. Heck, who wouldn’t think that with all the colorful packaging and commercials that show a young, fit, healthy adult enjoying cola as if it were water!

The power of advertising is ridiculous! Cola contains a syrup, which of course is packed with sugar. Also the sodium content is outrageous! Sodium alone can cause extra water weight and therefore extra pounds. Some diet colas contain aspartame or Splenda. Marketed as a low or no calorie sweetener. Well that may be true, but the ad agency leaves out that Splenda and other artificial sweeteners are nothing more than another cheap way to send our bodies into a spiraling mess!

Our bodies were never intended to take in artificial sweeteners. We just cannot process them the way they should be processed. Therefore they are stored. In turn, adding pounds and inches to our waste!

So next time you are passing that cola isle and see the giant Diet Cola sign, keep walking. Pick up some Diet Tonic Water and add a splash of lemon juice or fresh berries. Or maybe a sparkling water without artificial sweetener. Keep it simple and it will usually treat you well. Any drink with a long list of ingredients is obviously not natural and not the best for the ol’ belly!

Picture it, you are on a low calorie diet so you switch to diet cola. So naturally you think that you can eat more food to replace those empty calories from the cola you used to drink. Now you are drinking more diet cola and eating more. Problem with this is that you are doubling if not tripling your sodium intake. Not so good. You actually gain instead of losing weight? what? How can this be? The answer is in the can.

Steer clear of diet or calorie free sodas, unless all ingredients are %100 natural. Try Truvia sweetener. One of the best natural sweeteners out right now. It is a big switch to make and very difficult to do so. I relapsed several times! It is almost like a cola addiction. It is sad that you can become addicted to a soda, but it is true. Many can’t stop cold turkey due to the caffeine. Caffeine is a drug. It is powerful enough to cause severe caffeine withdrawal headaches.

Stopping may be hard, but well worth it. Once your body has been cola free for 72 hours you actually start to lose that craving for a large cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper from Sonic! Its hard to believe, but you will get over it. Replace your cola with a healthy juice. if you are looking for no calories, flavor your water. If you are an avid cola drinker and are trying to lose weight, try it. You will be surprised with the results!