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Coffee Makers get your Morning Jolt

Getting up early in the morning can be a daily challenge. But one thing helps me to get started in the day and to wake up properly before going to work my early morning coffee straight from my coffee maker! And with the average US coffee drinker consuming about 3.1 cups of coffee per day, I don’t seem to be alone. But choosing the right coffee maker can be a hard decision with a wide range of types and even more brands available.

So first of all, which coffee machine suits your lifestyle? The following types are the most commonly available:

Programmable: If you struggle getting up in the morning and then run out of time to drink your coffee, this is for you. Just set your time and when you get down to the kitchen, your fresh coffee is waiting for you!

Non-programmable: These traditional coffee machines are easy to use and usually work by filling it with water and coffee powder and simply switching it on. Fresh aroma and taste with the calming routine of preparing your breakfast!

French press: If you want fresh coffee without using electricity, these traditional presses will produce a well-rounded cup of coffee for the traditionalist!

Specialist coffee makers: If a basic coffee isn’t enough for you, you might need a specialist coffee machine to get your daily home-made espresso, cappuccino or cafe latte for that special flavour!

Coffee pod machines: Recent years has shown an increase in coffee pod machines these simple machines don’t require you to measure your coffee just fill up with water, insert a pad and go. This is ideal for fast living coffee lovers!

Now you only need to choose you favourite brand and if you want to use powdered coffee and a built in grinder for the freshest possible coffee! Simple? Well, what are the best brands of coffee makers to use? Top brands have flooded the market with low, medium and high range coffee makers. The list of options is endless, so let’s just look at some of the best known machines.

Bunn coffee maker
Having started with commercial coffee machines over 50 years ago, Bunn has soon entered the consumer market. These machines offer high quality, and excellent service at a good price. After a 15 minutes warm-up time it will only take 3 minutes to brew between 3 and 10 cups of coffee depending on the model.

The black or white drip-brew coffee makers are rather simple and without frills and not suitable for the high-tech coffee lover, but the pour-over system keeping water hot in a thermostat-controlled boiler may make up for that.

Capresso coffee maker
The Capresso coffee makers are targeted at the “sophisticated American coffee connoisseur” and include a range of innovative coffee makers, espresso machines, automatic or semi-automatic machines and coffee grinders. A variety of features depending on the model make improve your brewing experience. With programmable brewing times, digital display, stop-and-serve function for a quick mid-brewing cup and auto shut-off even basic machines offer you will receive high quality. Depending on the model you can brew 8 cups, 10 cups or even use a small pot setting which lets you define the number of cups required.

Cuisinart coffee maker
This high quality range of coffee makers includes a variety of types such as cup-o-matic for the individual cup, grind-and-brew for the freshest flavour, programmable or traditional pot machines (8-12 cups) gives you the choice for the machine of your liking. You will find it hard to choose, but there is a machine for everyone.

And then you could still look at Braun, Bodum, Bosch, DeLonghi, Krups or many many more well know names!

There are too many coffee makers available to go into the functions, features, size capacities, brewing methods, ease and speed of use of all of them. But above outline will help you decide what you are looking for and were to look! And then there is nothing to do but go straight into it and compare the individual coffee makers and brands for quality, price, size and the features that really matter to you!