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Coffee Decaf

People drink decaffeinated coffee for a few reasons. One reason being that regular coffee may have a tendency to keep them awake if they drink it too late in the day. Another possible reason is that the caffeine hits their bladder rather quickly, and the next thing they know they’re making frequent trips to the bathroom. However, for some people, the reason for drinking decaf is because they get kidney stones from too much caffeine.

Most people who have had kidney stones will do anything to avoid getting them again. The pain can be so awful, in fact, that it has been said the pain of a kidney stone is worse than the pain of childbirth. While that may or may not be true, in general, kidney stone sufferers are encouraged to change their diets. Therefore, for many of them, decaf is their coffee of choice.

For the sake of one’s health, one may be better off drinking decaffeinated coffee if the caffeine would be harmful to them. If someone has a heart condition, as a result, they may not be able to drink caffeinated coffee. It would cause their heart to beat too rapidly, whereas a cup of decaf would not hurt them at all.

If a person has high blood pressure they are also better off drinking decaffeinated coffee, because the caffeine in regular coffee can raise a person’s blood pressure even more. People with high blood pressure are also at risk of having their arteries harden. Therefore, from a health standpoint, many people are better off drinking decaf.

Another good reason to drink decaf is that there are times when one is already too keyed up and the added caffeine from the coffee will not help anything. For instance, having a relative in the hospital and making the mistake of getting a caffeinated cup of coffee may lead to the person becoming more jittery than they were before they drank the coffee, simply because they are worried about their loved one. Instead of calming themselves down, they actually get themselves more worked up. This is just one example of why it is better to drink decaffeinated coffee.

Many coffee shop actually charge less for decaf coffee than regular. Therefore, if one is going to make a habit of drinking coffee and the decaf is cheaper, why not take advantage of that? It certainly makes sense for people on a budget, as well as people who are sensitive to caffeine. They still get the satisfaction of having a cup of coffee without the added cost or the caffeine.

While it makes no sense to some people to drink decaffeinated coffee, there are actually many reasons why it is beneficial.