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Cocktails for first Time Drinkers

When it is your first time drinking out on the town, you will want to make sure the experience is an enjoyable one. The last thing you want is to waste your money on a cocktail you find repulsive or overdo it and spend half the night being sick! If you are a first-time drinker looking for some suggestions on what to sample, here are a few ideas to get you started!

-Gin/Vodka and Tonic-
Tonic water goes well with several types of liquor, but usually is paired with gin or vodka. It adds a nice fizz and a slight citrus-y touch to the liquor and helps tone down the bite. Try a simple gin or vodka and tonic, and if you need just a little extra sweetness, ask for a splash of cranberry juice.

Cosmos are popular for a reason. They are a simple blend of flavors, mostly featuring cranberry juice, and are made with vodka, a good choice for a new drinker. Any bartender should know how to make one of these!

-Lemon Drops-
Lemon Drops must be handled with caution, since they are shots! However, for those who just want to have a light buzz, a Lemon Drop or two is a great choice for a party night. They are made from vodka and have a good deal of lemon flavor, plus the rim of the glass is frosted with sugar for a sweet kick. Some bartenders may be able to make these in martini form, using the same ingredients and filling the rest with soda or sparkling water to make it a safer, longer drink.

-Hard cider-
If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but think beer isn’t for you either, hard cider is the way to go. Its flavor is like apple juice for grown-ups, and can be ordered in bottles or pints like a beer. So guys out there, don’t worry – no one will judge!

Mojitos are nice, refreshing long drinks – you will probably only need one. They consist of rum, sugar syrup, fresh mint, lime juice, and soda, so they have a great flavor without being syrupy-sweet. Perfect for a hot night!

This is another drink to use with caution – not necessarily because of its potency, but because of how tempting it is! A good margarita is one of the best drinks out there, for just about anyone. Whether you order it on the rocks or frozen, classic lime or with another flavor, it is hard to go wrong with this tequila-laden treat.

-Sweetie Pie-
It might have a dumb name, but it is a really refreshing, orange-y drink that just about any drinker will enjoy. Some bartenders may not be familiar with it since its popularity is still rising, so if they ask, the recipe is as follows: 1 ½ measures gin, ½ measure triple sec, squeeze of lime juice, 1 measure orange juice. Shake over ice and serve in a lowball glass.