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Choosing Healthy Snacks on the go

During my first year of college instead of gaining the “Freshman 15” for me it was the “Freshman 20”. This was due to all the “snacks” that I ate from the vending machines. With all the stress of college and all the classes that I had, I made a bad decision by eating these so called snacks. The main reason why I decided to eat these snacks was because they were convenient. Since then I have changed my ways and have learned how to eat healthier snacks.

When I get hungry and need something to nibble on I usually take a fruit. Fruits are the healthiest and tastiest snack that any one can eat. Whether it be grapes or apples or oranges. I would put them in a container and hope that they last throughout the morning so I could eat them in between classes to help tide me over. If I don’t have time I would buy a fruit in a kiosk that is located in my university.

Another good option for a snack are snack bars. There are a million snack bars out there and are “healthy”. In my opinion these snack bars are healthy only if you don’t eat three to four of them at the same time. Eating one of them is enough to help you fill up enough until your next meal. You have snack bars from Slim Fast and from all these other companies that can be bought almost any where. You also have these 100- calories bags that come in a variety from Oreos to Chips Ahoy to Ritz. These are also a good snack choice because they are portable. One of my favorites is the Special K bars. They are tasty and they help me tide my hunger to my next meal.

Not every bar is for every person. If you decided that a snack bar would be a good change of pace from fruits then you should research which kind of snack bar is good for you. An important thing to do when researching which snack bar is for you, is to look at the nutritional information in the back. This tells you all the important facts about the bars. I have high cholesterol so I always make sure to check how many grams of cholesterol a snack bar that I want to take has.

Whether it be fruits or snack bars quantity is really important. Even though fruits are healthy that doesn’t mean that you can take four apples and call that a snack. Fruits have a lot of sugar and by eating a lot of them you are just eating sugar. So in the end it’s bad for you. And by doing this you’re just ruining your appetite for your meal. With snack bars it’s the same thing. When you are eating just make sure to eat a small amount. Not too much so that you feel that your stomach is about to burst, but enough so that your stomach is satisfied for a while.

I’m still in college and I’ve been able to change my eating lifestyle. Eating a small portion for a snack that keeps me satisfied until the next meal has helped me a lot. Eating healthier snacks have also made me concentrate better. This is so because when you eat a honey bun as a snack or something the sugar gets you really hyper and you feel like you can do anything. But what about when that sugar runs out? You just get really tired and can’t concentrate. Just make sure to eat a small portion and you will be fine. Choose a snack that you know you will enjoy and have fun with.