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Cheap Ways to Feed a Crowd

With the declining economy, and the daily challenges faced in the work place, many are wary to even think about entertaining others. It is a fact that still several workers in both the private and public sectors are on the verge or already lost their jobs. Moreover, some of the ones who are still employed are liable to have a drastic decrease in salaries. In times like these, householders don’t have entertainment on the mind. In spite of that, there are cheap ways to feed a crowd.

In order to wrap your hands around this, it is imperative that you incorporate a few tricks and tips so as to pull this off. When it comes to shopping, it is best to plan your menus in advance. After deciding what your dishes will be created, it is advisable to make a list of the supplies to be bought. This is the perfect time to utilize the internet and make a search for coupons available from different suppliers and distributors. Download and print. Do not forget to also gather your coupons in the newspapers. You can save a ‘bundle’ from these mediums.

Make a concerted effort to shop in bulk epecially with meats and staples. Bulk purchasing will save you quite a few dollars. It costs a minimal fee for membership at Costco, BJ’s or Sam’s Club. Perishables foods cost far cheaper than at your neighborhood supermarket. Do look out for the ready-made platters of vegetables/dip, pasteries and a host of other foods. This will save on time; and time equals money. Dried goods like rice and beans are packed in huge serving sizes that will utimately work out to cost an inexpensive price per person.

When it comes to selecting the different dishes to feed a huge crowd, it is best to choose stews, like chilli or beef-stew. A beef stew will stretch and serve many people. Moreover, you will be choosing the cheaper cut of beef to make this dish. This dish is virtually a one pot meal and requires minimal attention. On the side, some garlic crusty bread would be ideal to soak up the juices from this stew. If you are choosing a chicken dish, purchase the dark portion of the chicken as this is far cheaper than the white meat. Moreover, dark meat tend to have more flavor your guests will love. For this chcken dish, you could make use of some left-over red wine. Season and brown chicken on both sides and then braise in chicken broth and red wine.

Feeding a crowd cheaply means that when it comes the drinks, it is best to choose one main one instead an assortment. Better still, maybe, it’s the time to ask your guests to bring a drink of their choice. Afterall, you are providing a mouth-watering meal. There is no need to hire a DJ. Designate someone who is musically inclined and have them spin everyone’s favorite tune. With the right ambiance from your abode, the succulent/inexpensive dishes and company, everyone will be lining up for the next time you are entertaining.