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Cell Phone use Public Places Restaurants Private and Emergency Calls Safety Issue Asset – No

Should cell phones be banned in restaurants?

When I first read this debate question my first reaction was WHAT! You really have to be kidding. Should cell phones be banned in restaurants? Of course not. The cell phone is totally harmless unlike the cigarette which can and probably will kill you and anyone round you from both ends and I am not condemning those who smoke if that is what you choose to do, just don’t smoke around others who choose not to. You are endangering their health and it is downright rude, plus it stinks but banning cell phones in restaurants; that is a joke. It is ridiculous.

I see no reason to ban cell phones and many reasons why they should be with you.
They are a wonderful asset. They can save your life or the life of the person at the next table or standing in line with you at the checkout counter.
If there is an emergency you have a direct line to call 911 without seeking a landline. You may not be able to get to one. The person at the next table is having a heart attack, or what appears to be. Someone responds quickly with emergency assistance and looks at you and says “Call 911”. You can do that immediately if you have a cell phone or you can search for a landline and the call may come too late. Some disturbed person charges into the restaurant waving a gun and begins shooting up the place. While you are crouched beneath the table seeking shelter and some semblance of safety you can dial 911. Your life and the lives of those around you may well depend on your cell phone. Cell phones are a good thing when used properly and for the purpose they were designed for. To ban them from restaurants or other public places in this day and age would be a detriment to our present social environment. It is not a safe world out there any more and emergencies happen every minute of every day.

If there is an emergency at home or at the office you can be easily reached, if you have a cell phone. If someone is going to meet you and is running late they can let you know or if you have a flat tire a mile away you can call for assistance and let those waiting for you know you will be late. If you are lost and need directions you can call and get them. That is what cell phones are for. There is nothing wrong with chit-chat but save it for the people you are dining with.

Unfortunately the cell phone is rapidly replacing the landline for many folks and they are being used for little else other than chit-chat. It seems everyone from 6 to 106 is chatting on their cell phones everywhere you go. It can be aggravating to have someone next to you being un-necessarily loud and boisterous while you are trying to enjoy a quiet, relaxing meal but that is no reason to ban the phone. The phone is not the cause of the rude behavior and the phone might just save your life.
Chit chatting on your cell phone is your right if you want to pay the price but use a little common courtesy while doing it. There is nothing wrong with that if that is how you choose to use your phone, however there is such a thing as proper social etiquette and that includes how you use your cell phone. Remember what Mother said about talking with your mouth full. Hey you might just get choked. Let’s hope the guy at the next table has a cell phone too. Your life could count on it.

Your mother did tell you it is impolite to talk with your mouth full, right? You are out for breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Enjoy it. Get off the phone. Business can wait for 30-40 minutes. You may chit chat with your friends after you have eaten. If they were your friend to start with they will be your friend an hour from now. If you really need to make a call, make it brief and use your inside voice; that is a voice well below ten decibels. You might really prefer that the person at the next table not know all your business, what you are talking about so don’t give them the opportunity. Save it for a more private location. You don’t shout, laugh loudly or boldly, make personal or off color remarks at the dinner table. You don’t need to make phone calls while you are eating dinner. It is a matter of proper social etiquette. Be polite. Show a little common courtesy toward the party at the next table. They are trying to enjoy their meal and conversation and they don’t need to be drowned out by your cell phone chatter or the ringing of your phone every five minutes. Put it on vibrate if you are expecting an important call that can’t wait for 30 minutes or so. Should cell phones be banned in restaurants? Of course not.