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Sweet & Sour Pork Recipe with Pictures 咕噜肉食谱

English name : Sweet & Sour Pork Simplified Chinese Name : 糖醋猪肉 / 酸甜猪肉 / 咕噜肉 Traditional Chinese Name : 糖醋猪肉 / 酸甜猪肉 /咕嚕肉 Mandarin Pin Yin : Gu1 lu1 rou4 Cantonese Term : 咕嚕肉 / 咕老肉 Cantonese Pin Yin : Gu1 lou1 yuk6 This all-time favourite Chinese cuisine gives …

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Braised Pork with Bean Curd Sticks

Contributed by Amy Chen. The term “braise” in Western/English context usually refers to cooking with small amount of water. For this dish, the amount of water is more than what we would normally term as “braise”. However, I find that “braise” is the closest term for it. Anyway, whatever term …

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Stewed Pork Leg with Peanuts

  This is truly a wonderful Chinese cooking website. Have tried out cooking the sweet & sour pork and intends to try others. Got a recipe to share – a pork leg with peanuts stew which I love and which I learnt from a Chinese friend while in uni. Hope …

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Red-cooked Pork

Food Culture The red cooked pork is one of the most common Chinese home cooking dishes. There are many flavors all over China, but among them Shanghai local flavor is the most famous one.  Its thick red oil sauce makes it very popular.   Material 300 grams of Pork belly …

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