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How to Plan Weekly Family Menus

Menu planning is like pulling out a loose tooth, you dread doing it but once it is done, life is so much easier. Every week I vow to plan my menus. About 50% of the time it actually gets done. Those weeks that I do it, dinner is not a …

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Restaurant Appetizers Recipes

If you are looking to bring some five-star quality to your dining room table without having to pay a five-star check, there are simple and inexpensive ways to do so! Here are a couple of recipes right out of my kitchen to help you add that restaurant touch to your …

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Why Scratch Cooking is Preferable Home Cooking

In your overall diet, only when you cook from scratch and are careful to minimize the artificial ingredients you consume in every meal will you be well on your way to decent physical health, if you haven’t already gotten there. Scratch cooking helps to ensure that, aside from having to …

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Can you tell me about the different Ways to Cook Eggs

Eggs are the ultimate fast food! They are a fantastic source of protein, and contain vitamins D, A and B2, iodine and minerals all contained in their own little environmentally friendly container! If you have eggs in your refrigerator or store cupboard you are guaranteed a meal as the humble …

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Boil up the Turkey Bones

When you have turkey bones left over after a holiday meal, making a turkey stock seems like the perfect way to use the carcass. You don’t however, have to wait until you have a whole carcass to make your stock. Why not go to the store and buy a couple …

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Seafood Fresh or Frozen

Fresh fish, shrimp, crab, lobster or other seafood has never been frozen and it must be eaten soon after catching. You have to eat it in one or two days so the seafood doesn’t spoil. The fish should smell good and not be mushy. The skin or shell should look …

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