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Cascadian Farms Organic Granola Bars Chocolate Chip

Cascadian Farm Organic chocolate chip bars are a mildly sweet chewy granola. Do not let the word organic turn you away from this tasty granola bar. It is flavorful and satisfying as a snack or as part of breakfast or lunch. If you have yet to try an organic product, the Cascadian Farm Organic chocolate chip granola bars are a good product to try.

Cascadian Farm is more than just a product line. They are a real working farm in western Washington. They have been farming organic for more than 35 years and their experience is evident in the quality of their organic products, especially their chewy granola bars.

But what is organic and why is it good for you? According to Cascadian Farm, “organic foods are grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or genetically engineered ingredients.” (www.cascadianfarms.com) To learn more about Cascadian Farm’s organic farming, visit their website and click on the tab at the top that says Organic.

The chocolate chip chewy granola bar has a sweet and slightly oat-like scent when you peel back the wrapper. The bar is appealing to look at with whole pieces of oats, crisped rice and miniature chocolate chips. Unlike many other chewy bar brands, the Cascadian Farms Organic chewy bar does not have a drizzle of frosting across the top of the bar. Instead, the bar looks the same on top and bottom with a nice toasted coloring.

The first bite into the Cascadian Farm Organic granola bar was a mouthful of complimentary flavors. I could taste sweetness and a hint of chocolate from the semi-sweet chips as well as a nutty flavor from the rolled oats. This chewy granola bar is not sticky to the touch like others and is much firmer than the Quaker Oats chocolate chip chewy bar. It manages to be moist and chewy while retaining a bit of crunch.

The Cascadian Farm Organic chocolate chip chewy granola bar tastes good. It went well with a cup of coffee but it would also taste great with a glass of cold milk. It is hearty enough to satisfy hunger when a snack attack hits, as a part of a brown-bag lunch or paired with fruit and scrambled eggs for a delicious breakfast.

Each bar is 1.2-ounces (35g) and has 140 calories and 3.5 grams of fat. It is not a high fiber bar as it only has 1 gram of fiber per serving but it does not have any cholesterol. There are six bars per box. A box retails in a U.S. supermarket for less than $4 per box.

Cascadian Farm Organic chewy granola bars come in seven other flavors. These flavors include peanut butter chip, vanilla chip, harvest berry, multi grain, sweet and salty peanut pretzel and sweet and salty mixed nut.

If you cannot find these bars in your neighborhood store, visit the Cascadian Farm online store at www.cascadianfarms.com. You can purchase a box of the chocolate chip variety as well as the others for $5.59 per box or $63.73 for a 12-pack. The online store does feature all flavors of Cascadian Farm Organic chewy granola bars.

When you are looking for a chewy granola bar that tastes great and is free of pesticides and other chemicals, try the Cascadian Farms Organic chocolate chip chewy granola bar. It is a winner.