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Cadburys Biscuits

We all have very different tastes and it is a good job that we do to ensure that all of the new products on the supermarket shelves get a taste trial. Long gone are the days when we could only buy milk or plain chocolate, nowadays the market is flooded with luxurious chocolate covered products to tempt our taste buds, never mind expand our already expanding waistlines !
Cadbury have always been just one step ahead in my opinion, that is not to say that there are not many other brands of chocolate that I love but Cadbury produce a sweet, milky chocolate that is neither too rich nor too sweet. When I learned that Kraft had won their takeover bid for the Cadbury company I remarked to The Other Half that I hoped they would keep the winning Cadbury chocolate recipe unchanged.

Cadbury Signature biscuits are the Chanel No 5 of the biscuit world, they are unashamedly posh, loaded with calories, they have more chocolate than biscuit and they are very much an adult playground. Put it this way, I don’t think you would ever just tip a packet of the Cadbury Signature biscuits into your biscuit barrel. Each chocolate creation demands admiration and respect
before being devoured.

The product is packaged in the distinctive colours of Cadbury, to a certain extent the packaging is eye-catching simply because you know that it contains goodies produced by Cadbury.
Even though the chocolate biscuits are luxurious the packaging has been kept fairly simple, the decadent biscuits lay in a brown plastic tray and then they are covered over with a shiny plastic cover and heat sealed to keep them fresh.
Both the tray and the cover can be recycled so Cadbury can take top marks for this.

Inside of the packet there is a selection of thickly coated chocolate biscuits, in total there are nine different types of biscuit.
They include the coconut triangle, the orange segment, the praline cream cup, the double chocolate cookie, the vanilla triangle, the chocolate experience, the ginger crunch, a lemon cream cup and some white chocolate fingers.
The biscuits vary in shape and size, some are covered in dark chocolate, some are dipped into thick, rich milk chocolate and there are a few that are covered in white chocolate – so Cadbury are aiming to cater for all tastes.
The Cadbury Signature biscuits are exceptionally well presented, as soon as you open the packet you know that they are some of Cadbury’s finest.
I have to be honest and say that there appears to be more chocolate than biscuit but I have a very sweet tooth so that suits me down to the ground.
Even with a tooth as sweet as mine I would be very hard pushed to eat too many of the biscuits in one go, they are extremely rich and usually two or three at a time is enough.

Like everyone I have my favourites and there are even one or two in the packet that I find a little too rich. In particular the praline cream cup does not really appeal to me, the combination of biscuit, covered with a thick layer of praline then coated in an extra thick layer of Cadbury’s milk chocolate is just far too rich.
The whole attraction of these biscuits is the huge amount of Cadbury’s milk chocolate that they have been dipped into, the biscuits inside of the layer of chocolate tends to get ignored, you are far too busy enjoying the layer of chocolate.
I must say that one of my personal favourites is the orange segment, I love the combination of milk chocolate and orange.

If someone were to ask me to compare the Cadbury’s signature biscuits against their rivals the Victoria assortment then I would tell them that the Signature collection would win hands down. We had a tin of the Victoria assorted at Christmas and I will say that I was not overly impressed with them. We also had a box of Marks and Spencer’s posh biscuits and I would still put the Signature collection way out in front of any of them.

But the Cadbury Signature collection does have it’s drawbacks, for a starter they are expensive, a 300g packet costs nearly £3, so you are not going to add these to your weekly shopping list.
The biscuits are calorie laden and 100g provides 530 calories.
If you managed to consume a half of the packet ( which some could easily do) you would have eaten in excess of 750 calories, more calories than a good meal contains.
Bear in mind that the biscuits may contain nuts but the packaging clearly states that they are fine for vegetarians to enjoy.

For an extra special treat I feel that they are smashing but the price has to be a major drawback. But on the other hand you could never expect any company to produce such an extravagant biscuit for much less.
I would not buy them as an everyday biscuit, there are so many delicious biscuits that offer far better value if you are going to buy them to enjoy regularly. But for high days and holidays they are a wonderfully indulgent treat.