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British Food Cucumber Sandwiches for a British Tea Party

Are we having tea with the Queen of England this afternoon? If you are of British heritage and even if you are not what an excellent way to savor the British heritage than by having ever so tasty cucumber sandwiches and some authentic English tea.

High tea at noon is something my Grandmother always dined on and she even had those cute, tasty ,little sandwiches. She was one hundred percent British and even had the British accent and mannerisms to go with the tea. You can create delightful cucumber sandwiches for the gang to eat, when you are feeling ever so British. You can also make some fake tea and these small sandwiches for your daughter and her friends so they can have an authentic tea party to remember for years to come.

You can use regular white bread if you like, or you can use rye bread or even a cocktail loaf if you so desire. It’s very simple, really. All you have to do is wash off the cucumber, and slice it lengthwise. You must however, cut off the crust of the bread. If you don’t cut off the crust then it is not a cucumber sandwich ready to be eaten British style.

You can put anything you like on the sandwiches or nothing at all. Mustard, mayonnaise, or even a relish of choice. Place the cucumbers on the sandwiches with or without a condiment.

To truly make it an authentic British meal, you must have tea. My Grandmother pushed tea on us kids day and night. She drank tea with every meal, every snack and before going to bed every night. It a wonder she wasn’t always in the loo.

Any tea can be chosen, but of course it should be an authentic English tea, that can be found almost anywhere, and even online. While drinking your tea, you must remeber to keep your pinky finger extended. You must use a napkin that is placed on your lap,and you must sit up straight. And please do refrain from belching.