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Brauhaus Bryan Review

Located in the heart of downtown Bryan, the Bavarian Brauhaus puts a little piece of Munich right in the middle of this old railroad town. The Brauhaus and its excellent food, authentic atmosphere, and reasonable price structure make this establishment one of the crown jewels in the Bryan/College Station dining tradition.

Downtown Bryan’s streets are a throwback to older times, with store fronts and hotels that would make you feel that you are back in the 1940s were it not for the modern cars and fashions. Then you see the Bavarian Brauhaus. Its wood and glass store front take you out of the previous century in the United States and right into the heart of Bavaria. The Bavarian Brauhaus looks warm and inviting, just like a privately-owned restaurant should. The first thing you will notice as you enter is the sign encouraging you to seat yourself. Go ahead and take a seat in one of the very spacious wraparound booths that dominate the front half of the dining room or go back a little further for a table. Additional seating is found upstairs, but it is typically for large parties. Take a moment to enjoy the decorations such as the checkered Bavarian blue and white flags and wood paintings of traditional Bavarian scenes.

The waitresses at the Brauhaus all dress in traditional Bavarian attire, making you feel like you have just walked into Oktoberfest. While they do not speak or understand much German, they are friendly and attentive. They can answer any of your questions about items on the menu, which can be confusing if you have never had German cuisine before. Everything on the menu is printed in German, with an English description, but some recommendations may be needed. They are typically quick to get your drinks, bread, and food to you, although you may consider requesting a beer mug for your tea or other non-alcoholic drinks if you are a “thirsty eater”, as their other glasses are rather small.

The food at the Bavarian Brauhaus is fantastic. German cuisine typically relies on hearty food with light flavors that compliment one another, and Brauhaus pulls this off flawlessly. The two best items on the menu are generally agreed to be the schweinbraten (roasted pork) and jaegerschnitzel (a breaded pork or veal cutlet with mushroom gravy). The rouladen (beef rolled in bacon and pickles) is another favorite. Each entree comes with two sides, usually some form of cabbage and either potato salad or a bread dumpling. The potato salad is lightly flavored with just a hint of spice, while the bread dumpling is slightly moist and a perfect way to soak up some of the Shiner Bock gravy that comes on the roasted pork. The desserts, the best being their delicate, light creme, are wonderful…if you are not already stuffed.

The drink selection is wide and varied. German and Texan beer is the focal point, but liquor can be found as well. You might just happen to come on a night when some of the the local German population has decided to come and have a boisterous night of food, drinks, and joking with one another in their native tongue.

The downsides to the Bavarian Brauhaus are few, but they do exist. It is not a fast meal by any means. Expect to wait awhile while your food is cooking, but the wait will be worth it. The service may not always be lightning quick, but it is usually good enough to earn a 20% tip. The price for each dish may be out of the range of those looking for value, with entrees averaging at about $15 a plate. You do however get very full from your meal and the quality of the food makes up for it. The restrooms are actually located next door at Murphy’s Law, the Irish pub located next door. Making this little trip is easy, because they are actually one business. The music there is good and most patrons of this pub do not get too rowdy, so your quiet dinner is not ruined should nature call.

Overall, the Bavarian Brauhaus is a great place to go and enjoy a hearty meal with friends, family, or a special date. The good food, cold beer, and old world charm is likely to keep you coming back for years.