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Book Reviews the Complete Light Kitchen by Rose Reisman

I don’t know how she does it.

In her latest cookbook, The Complete Light Kitchen, Rose Reisman manages to come up with recipes that taste rich and decadent but are actually light and healthy.

A kitchen magician, Reisman uses flavor rather than fat, color rather than calories to create recipes that are healthy, lo-cal and low fat without a hint of “diet” taste.

Besides being an author, Reisman is also an international health and wellness expert and a philanthropist too. She has raised over one million dollars for the fight against breast cancer.

Reisman also is greatly concerned about the increase in childhood obesity and Type II Diabetes and is using her talents and knowledge to create recipes that are heart healthy but still hearty, light but not lightweight, nutritious but also delicious.

The Complete Light Kitchen is Reisman’s helping hand to people who want to eat more nutritious foods with fewer fats and calories but still demand food that tastes good, real good.

Every recipe I’ve tried has been easy to prepare, beautiful to look at and was delicious – not like “diet” food – like the-best-you-ever-ate food!

For example, the pork tenderloin with orange balsamic glaze was divine as was the swordfish with mango salsa; both recipes were bursting with flavor and color, piquant and pretty at the same time. The pork was indeed tender, and sweet with out being cloying, and the swordfish got raves from the oldest to the youngest at my dinner table.

In most of Reisman’s recipes, she uses fresh ingredients and light dairy products. Finding the ingredients to her recipes is not difficult at all as most of her recipes are made with common, grocery store foods and spices.

I love how each recipe is easy to follow, has a short ingredient list and is graphically pleasing to the eye. Also, nutritional details are included for each dish which help me to plan my weekly menus.

There are cooking tips, bits of kitchen wisdom and help with choosing the right cookware, in The Complete Light Kitchen, and photos so beautiful that you want to eat everything you see.

I know that a healthier lifestyle leads to a longer lifespan and eating right is the first step in taking charge of my family’s health. What I didn’t know was that eating healthy foods packed with nutrition and vitamins could taste just as good as or better than the rich foods I had been feeding my family routinely.

I still judge recipes on taste first, but it’s amazing how often Rose Reisman’s nutritionally balanced recipes seem to come out number one in flavor.

The Complete Light Kitchen shows you that you can have it all: great taste and great nutrition can go hand in hand, and low fat and low calories can get high marks from your family and friends.