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Blackberry Cobbler Cocktail

Who doesn’t love a nice, homemade blackberry cobbler? That soft, sweet, sugary crust, those juicy blackberries…the combination is an almost intoxicating experience. And speaking of intoxicating…

Blackberries naturally have a liqueur-like taste, especially when they are very big and ripe, so they naturally translate well into cocktails. There are several cocktails that feature the delicious taste of blackberry, playing up their incredible, rich taste. There is one cocktail in particular, known rather appropriately as a Blackberry Cobbler, that tastes exactly like, well, a blackberry cobbler (if it were cold). It is actually pretty impressive how much it tastes like a perfect, homemade blackberry cobbler in cocktail form.

The Blackberry Cobbler cocktail involves a mixture of amaretto, blackberry brandy, and Licor 43 (a Spanish liqueur flavored chiefly with vanilla, as well as other herbs, spices, and fruit flavors). Mix up one of these delicious drinks to serve as a tasty dessert or as an anytime sweet treat!



1 oz. amaretto
1 1/2 oz. blackberry flavored brandy
1/2 oz. Licor 43
Fresh sprig of mint, for garnish
Fresh blackberry, for garnish


1. Chill a cocktail glass by filling it with ice cubes and cold water. Set it aside while preparing the cocktail.

2. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Pour in the amaretto, blackberry flavored brandy, and Licor 43, then shake the mixture vigorously until it is well frosted.

3. Empty the ice cubes and cold water from the cocktail glass.

4. Strain the drink from the cocktail shaker into the chilled cocktail glass.

5. Decorate the drink using a fresh sprig of mint and a fresh blackberry as a garnish. Serve and enjoy!

You may also wish to decorate the rim of the cocktail glass with sugar to pay homage to the dessert the drink is named after. I recommend using thick crystals of sugar rather than superfine, as the presentation is prettier.