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Beverage Reviews Coca Cola Blak

I have tried Coca-Cola Blk and I really like it! It was the first time I had drank a coffee/cola mixture and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys both coffee and Coke.

Coca-Cola Blk comes in a glass bottle shaped reminiscent of the original Coke bottles but smaller. The bottle itself is wrapped in a black label with gold lettering. When you open the bottle and smell the product, you get a distinct coffee aroma with the cola.

The beverage has a unique crisp flavor, and the carbonation in the soda goes well with the coffee. This product is very easy to drink, and I found myself drinking one very quickly.

The only real downside I noticed to the product was that the bottle only held 8 fluid ounces compared to a the 12 in a standard can of Coke. The smaller volume tied with the cost of the product is the only real downside I found to the Coca-Cola Blk beverage.

If you have not tried this drink or it is not available in your area, you can simulate the flavor buy adding Coke directly to iced coffee. You can try various mixtures until the flavor you desire is reached. You could also try adding the mexican coffee flavored liqueur, Kahla, to Coke to get a coffee flavor. I have tried this as well, and the downside is that the liqueur makes the drink sweeter, and it’s of course alcoholic…which isn’t always a bad thing…ha ha.

Give Coca-Cola Blk a try, I highly recommend it!