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Best Omelet ever

Omelets are one of those items that remain very subjective; each person likes different things in or on their omelet. Instead of trying to cover all of the options, I offer you the perfect “Man’s Omelet.” Nothing chauvanistic here or saying that women shouldn’t make this omelet. All I am saying is that, this omelet is not of the healthy variety but of the delicious variety. In addition, you will definitely get back in bed when you are done with this thing. It is not meant for weekdays on the way to work. This recipe is for one person.

Ingredients you will need are as follows: 5 eggs; pancake mix; three-cheese blend, finely shredded; 1/4 of green pepper, diced; 1/4 c. chopped green onions; 1 diced jalapeno; 1/8 c. chopped mushrooms; 1/4 c. diced ham; 2 sausage links; 3 strips of bacon; salsa.

Initially, one point is very important for the creation of any omelet: pancake mix. The addition of pancake mix to eggs prior to cooking makes an omelet very fluffy and light. For the five egg recipe herein, approximately two teaspoons of pancake mix will suffice. Mix the eggs and pancake mix together in a bowl with a whisk. Have all your vegetables cut and meat prepared prior to beginning the omelet.

If you are only making one portion, you can cook all the meat in one large skillet. Sometimes I like to substitute a few strips of stew beef for the diced ham. Cook each meat to its respective level and chop into pieces. Grease your skillet well. I use cooking spray to ensure no egg sticks to the skillet and then butter because I like the taste. Set your stove to medium low heat; better to be patient than gnawing on burnt egg. Pour the freshly whisked egg/pancake mixture into the pan and immediately follow it up with approximately 1/2 c. of the cheese. This, along with the small mass of the finely shredded strips, allows the cheese to actually melt into the walls of the omelet. Add the vegetables and meat, all on one half of the omelet.

An omelet with this many eggs will take some time to solidify. The edges will begin to dry up first and the middle will stay mostly liquified. Using a spatula, keep the edges of the omelet from sticking to the pan by wedging the spatula between the eggs and the skillet around the perimeter constantly. You will notice that most of the liquid egg will tend to pool in the center of the skillet. In order to cook the omelet evenly, from time to time, pick the skillet up and tilt it in a circular motion so that some of the excess liquid goes towards the outside. Once the egg is firm enough, wedge the spatula underneath the side of the omelet without the vegetables and meat and flip it over on top of the filled side to make a semi-circle. Let that sit for a minute as you will notice, the excess egg and melted cheese will be runny at the crease of the omelet. After a minute or so, place the omelet onto a plate, place the skillet onto the plate upside down and flip both items where the once-top-facing side of the omelet is now face down in the skillet. Leave it there for about a minute or so to let the remaining egg and cheese firm up.

Once that is finished, serve covered in salsa and some shredded cheese. The bad news is, you will not be productive at all after eating this monster. The good news is, you probably can skip lunch.