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Best Grilling Gadgets for the Barbecue Fanatic

There are the grilling gadgets that are practical, useful and necessary and there are those that are a waste of money. There are 5 grilling gadgets that any barbecue fanatic with a gas grill should own. They are a grill brush, long handled tongs, a grill grid, meat thermometers and stainless steel skewers.

Once the grilling is done, comes the task of cleaning up so the next barbecue venture will also be a success. Most people take their food off of the grill and leave the mess only to open the lid the next time and find the same mess there. The solution? An easy to use grill brush that makes clean ups a snap. Soft bristled brushes don’t work at all. Hard bristle brushes work a few times and then look like they have been used for decades with the bristles all bent and stained. The answer? The Grill Wizard Grill Brush. This is the premier grill brush and it sells for $39.95. It has a front edge scraper for cooked on grime, the scouring pad comes off of the head easily to clean, the handle is made from stainless steel and has a hook and bale wire, and the scouring head is not only removable, but dishwasher safe too. This bad boy will clean anything from fish to barbecued ribs.

Long handled tongs. You have to have these. Spatulas don’t work for everything. Has anyone ever used a two pronged fork successfully? The long handled tongs work with steaks, chicken , burgers, fish steaks, vegetables and shrimp. The best long handled tongs are called Good Grips BBQ Tongs and are made by Oxo selling for a mere $14.99. How could the true barbecue fanatic not buy one? They are stainless steel, over-sized to prevent scorched arms and the handles are comfortable. No trying to squeeze and have the tongs slip. No more loststeaks to the dog. They are dishwasher safe and have a handy hole for hanging by the grill for when not in use.

A grill grid, also known as a vegetable grid, is a gadget people don’t often feel that they need, but all barbecue fanatics really should have one. What goes on a grill grid? Fish, fish and soy burgers, vegetables, fruit and skinny strips of meat for fajitas. The grid goes on top of the grill, but acts as a safety precaution so your food doesn’t fall into the grill. No more lost asparagus! A porcelain coated metal grid is the best way to go. Some grill grids tend to have food stick to them regardless of what precautions are taken. A black porcelain one is the way to go and is available at Fresh Finds for $16.95.

No more guessing if the meat is cooked correctly. This is a serious matter for the head chef. Most gas grills have the thermometer on the grill itself to tell the temperature inside the grill, but what about the meat? For things like steaks, chicken and turkey breast, and burgers invest in the Super Fast Thermapen Digital Thermometer. The good thing about this gadget isn’t the price. It is expensive. The good news is that the reading is instant, no waiting and guessing and this thermometer will last longer than your grill. It shows a reading in 3 seconds. How’s that for fast? It comes in fun colors too. It’s water resistant so you can BBQ in the rain. It will set you back $96. This is the biggest investment besides the grill itself, but it is a necessary and durable tool. For those of you that like to grill everything, the whole turkeys when it’s snowing out, entire chickens, pheasants and ducks. You’ll need the Polder Dual Sensor Thermometer/Timer. It’s a deal at only $38. It has a timer, an alarm if the meat in question gets to hot and lots of other nifty features.

Finally, every barbecuing fanatic should own a set of stainless steel skewers. Why burn your hands or catch the wooden ones on fire? This set by Williams Sonoma prevents it from spinning once on the grill, has a handy disc to push everything off of the skewer onto the plate and is dishwasher safe. A set of four Stainless Steel Sliding Skewers is $37.50. Well worth eliminating all of the hassles associated with grilling the kabobs.

There’s no reason to get crazy gadgets unless you have a love for gadgets. The true barbecue fanatic needs the best quality basic gadgets and then show off your hot grilling stuff to your friends and family. Afterall, the finished barbebue ends up only as good as what you have to work.