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Beginners Guide to Bread Mixes

We all miss the days of smelling fresh bread baking when we walk into the house, is it a thing of the past?. There is nothing like fresh baked bread; but who has the time anymore? We are all busy mom’s with kids, jobs and housework, but we would still like to be able to make homemade bread; well now you can!

Remember the big bread machine craze of the 90’s. C’mon, you know you bought one. It sounded like a great idea at the time, but alas, they proved to be just as difficult. You still had to let the yeast sit, then add the rest of the ingredients. You had to be home all day, and paying attention to the rising and kneading.

Well now is the time! Pull it out from the back of that cabinet. You know, the one where all thos old trendy appliances go to die. There it is, pull it out! Now, there are bread machine mixes.

These are wonderful. There are many flavors and textures you can get at your local supermarket. They are very affordable and have great flavor.

These bread machine mixes give you the freedom of adding all the ingredients, pushing the buttons and going to work. If you set the timer right the bread will finish and begin to cool off right in time for dinner. Everyone will marvel that with a full time job and all you do, you can still put out fresh baked bread.

I am personally fond of the country white breads, but the Hawaiian sweet bread is wonderful as well. You can get Italian breads and spiced type breads as well. Try them all!

My son has really taken to the bread machine as well. He loves to add the ingredients and start it up in the morning before he and I leave for the day. He calls me at work when he gets home because the smell is so wonderful, he wants to cut into it before dinner.

These breads can also make great gifts. Wrap a few up for the holidays to put in the basket with those cookies. Makes a great touch.

Most of us have full time jobs as well as children and many other responsibilities. We sometimes miss the little things that we no longer have time to do. This is as close to fresh baked bread as you can get. Go ahead and try it, the family will love it!